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Christians, Buddhists and Hindus: protect peace, in memory of Muhammed

by Melani Manel Perera
The 27th Meelad-un-Nabi, the anniversary of the birth of the prophet Muhammad, was attended by Christian, Buddhist and Hindu religious leaders, with a thought for events in Saudi Arabia.

 Colombo (AsiaNews) - "Securing the peace in our country, is the responsible necessity of every citizen" under the aegis of these words, the leader of the Inter Religion Alliance for National Unity celebrated on 26 February in Colombo, the Meelad -un-Nabi, the anniversary of the birth of Muhammad. Christian, Buddhist and Hindu representatives expressed their admiration for the exemplary life of the Prophet, and his dedication to building humanity and bringing peace to the world. Their thoughts also went to Saudi Arabia and the violence in the past month involving Muslims there.

Ven. Galagama Dhammaransi Thero talking about the situation in the Middle East condemned "the dramatic destruction of brotherhood", defining the events that are involving Muslims in Saudi Arabia "a great tragedy. We can not forget them, because the western states are responsible for having led them to this troubled period. " The monk ended his speech with the hope that "unity among different religions will be rediscovered, and they will be able to live in peace."

Fr. Sarath Hettiarachchi, a Methodist priest, in his message stressed that people should avoid "any division among human beings, respecting the opinions of others and behaving in order to protect one another, developing peace and harmony." The priest described them as "essential" aspects for the current situation in Sri Lanka.

At the 27th Meelad-un-Nabi, organized by the Muslim Suduwella association for welfare, there were many Muslim children present, who prepared for the occasion, plays, songs and games representing the values of Islam.
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