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Evangelize society: the plans of the Korean dioceses for 2010

In Seoul card. Cheong calls Christians to be witnesses against the worship of money, hedonism, consumerism and the culture against life. In Kwangju, Msgr. Choi suggests the evangelization of the family and society, starting with ones neighbours. In Daegu a program to celebrate 100 years of the diocese.

Seoul (AsiaNews / Cbck) - With the start of the new liturgical year (29 November), the Korean bishops of all dioceses have published their pastoral letter for 2010: they are all inviting the faithful to take the initiative in evangelizing society and the world around them, but without forgetting their own conversion.

Card. Jinsuk Nicholas Cheong, archbishop of Seoul, has published a letter entitled "The Church to change the world." In it he stresses that Christians must be "an example of evangelical practice in the family and workplace," transforming "the mammonism [the worship of money], hedonism, consumerism and culture on life" that dominate society. Evangelization is urgent because society is dominated by "social problems and class conflicts" that generate mutual mistrust, antagonism and difficulties.

The Archbishop of Kwangju, Andreas Choi Chang-mou, writes that "a new evangelization based on repentance and personal and communal renewal of Christians" is needed. For this he suggests evangelization at different levels: in the person and family, between neighbours, in all society. The prelate also stressed the importance of participation in the sacraments.

Bishop Thaddeus Cho Hwan-gil, diocesan administrator of Daegu, in his letter calls on the faithful to participate in the moments that in 2010 will celebrate 100 years of the diocese. On the agenda is the construction of a church-memorial, the publication of a book on the history of the Archdiocese of Daegu, and a special synod. Bishop Cho calls on Catholics to renew themselves through prayer to create a spiritual movement that launches the mission of the diocese into the future.


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