11/29/2005, 00.00
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Filipino Catholics: "Two-child norm is absurd obstacle for better society"

by Santosh Digal

A Catholic MP told AsiaNews about the limitations, contradictions and risks inherent in laws controlling family planning: "Look at the West or Japan. They are rich nations but without youth.

Manila (AsiaNews) – Obligatory family planning is "simply absurd" and is merely "an obstacle in the path towards a better Filipino society". Rene Velade, Catholic MP, told AsiaNews what he thinks about the laws in Manila, roundly condemning them because "they oblige people to have two children".

He said: "The Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act, better known as the two-child norm, should be annulled by the government together with another two laws which are destroying our nation, 1808 and 3422. These laws prevent a good domestic economy and a patriotic and educated society. I find it simply absurd that the bill would give families a semblance of choice in planning but puts a limit on the number of children they want."

The problem is not only ethical and moral: it also has a "social" dimension. "One must not lose sight of what is happening in the West, Japan and Korea. In those countries, rich and industrially well-developed, family planning is resulting in an aging population, which will destroy their economic achievements.

"These countries now face many crises. They do not have young people. So they depend on immigrants for everything. No one pays social benefits to guarantee support for an ever ageing population. With less young people, without children, who will consume products made by the domestic economy? Who will buy national products?

"Some of us in the Philippines think of these countries as a model to follow but they do not realise that their experience only highlights the failure of a birth control policy."

A lower birth rate among the Filipino population "may be attained, however in a correct manner, following the social doctrine of the Church: if the population is informed in a proper way and medical and hygiene-sanitary assistance is provided, the same result will be attained and what's  more, a stable economy will be supported.

"Human resources are our main hope. We must make sure we give them maximum protection."

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