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Morsi says no to the military and millions of Egyptians who call for democracy

An Egyptian protester talks to AsiaNews about the atmosphere of unity and celebration at Sunday's mass gathering. Christians, Muslims, young and old, men and women were happy to walk together because they were Egyptians. Mohamed Morsi rejects the army's 48-hour ultimatum.

Cairo (AsiaNews) - Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi rejected out of hand the military's ultimatum, announcing that he is determined not to yield to their threat. After mass rallies were held against the Muslim Brotherhood, which on Sunday brought to together at least 23 million Egyptians, the military gave the president and political parties until Wednesday to stop the protests. Should Morsi and parliament fail, the military will intervene to restore order.

Yesterday, Mahmoud Badr, a spokesman for the 'Tamarod' campaign that collected 20 million signatures for Morsi's resignation, called on the Egyptian people to occupy the streets of the country's main cities until the Muslim Brotherhood gives up power.

Today Coptic Orthodox Patriarch Tawadros II issued a statement expressing its support for the protesters, urging them to protest in a peaceful manner. Similarly, Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb expressed his closeness to the people, denouncing the infiltration of armed men in the marches to provoke violent clashes.

The tense situation has already prompted five ministers to resign, including Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammed Kamel Amr. At the same time, Morsi's isolation has been accentuated by a recent decision of the Court of Appeal in Cairo, which today confirmed the dismissal of Talaat Abdallah, the city's notorious chief prosecutor appointed by the president, who is responsible for the wave of blasphemy trials against Christians and intellectuals.

In order to understand what many experts call "the biggest demonstration in the history of Egypt," AsiaNews has decided to publish the letter of one of the protesters, anonymous for security reasons. In it, he speaks of the unity of the Egyptian population.

"I've seen whole families walking together," he told us. "Fathers walked with mothers who held their children in their arms, parents walked with grandparents, old people, young people, poor, rich, men, women, every human on two legs; all delighted to be united, because they were all Egyptians. "

Dear Friends,

What happened yesterday afternoon, since zero hour and now is a miracle. Egypt is being re born. It happened all over the country, but I can only tell you what happened in Cairo. The rest is from T.V. We started moving at around 4 pm, each from their respective locations, but all moving mainly in two directions, towards the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis and towards Tahrir Square.

My wife Mervet and myself with other friends moved from Zamalek (a well off area on an island in the midst of the Nile where are located most of the embassies) Shagaret el Dorr street  to Hassan Sabri, towards  the Gezira Club, then Feroussia Horsing Club, then Kasr El Nil Bridge, until our final destination, Tahrir Square. People were asked not to carry any other flag but the Egyptian one (contrary to the Muslim Brotherhood who carry black murderous flags, the Hamas and all sorts of foreign flags). Thousands and thousands were moving towards the same directions, they turned into millions, but they are expected to cross the many millions numbers. People were waving their Egyptian flags, chanting, singing and repeating after group leaders encouraging words, slogans and sentences, giving us power and courage. Adrenaline was pumped to unknown heights. All over Egypt, in large cities, governorates, and towns similar large conglomerations were taking place.

All what we seek is a free, liberal and united Country, where all Egyptians have equal rights, are fairly and equally treated, both males and females, both Muslims, and Christians, or others who have their own religious inclinations.

Mervet and I lost each other at a certain time, as the masses were too numerous for a couple to stick together.

I cannot express in words the spirit that reigned among the people. You had families together, parents carrying their children, parents caring for grandparents, old, young, poor, well to do, men, women and any species that walks on two legs. They were all happily unified as EGYPTIANS.

I walked backed home, soaked in my clothes, out of breath, and I start to listen to the World comments on TV, which is music to my ears, but the type that I was dying to hear. The one I liked very much is the comment of CNN: "If this is a show of force, then it is a knockout."

I hope that the American Ambassador in Cairo (Ann Patterson) should do away with the dishonest approach she has been using since she came from Pakistan (her previous post, where she practiced the same conspiracies), for reasons I do not know and cannot comprehend. I hope that she has the courage to acknowledge her dishonesty in giving the true picture of what is happening in Egypt, belittling the efforts of the opposition, and blowing out of proportion, the inexistent success of the Government. She spoke of "Democracy of the Government," while in fact it is an autocracy. All parties were put aside. All key positions were given to Muslim Brotherhood, including Ministerial positions and Governors Offices. The so-called President did away with the law, which he took in his own hands. He tried in every way to shut up all decent TV stations, the free press and newspapers, etc. She has covered up on deficiencies that took place in the elections, although she knew the truth about the matter, and these resulted in us having on unwanted, unsuccessful President instead of the one who actually won.

The unmatched success of yesterday will continue, due to the tenacity and conviction of our people, because they are only asking for what is right and honest. It should not last long before their dream is realised.

Keep praying. God will never let us down.

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