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One-child law: new cases of abortions, forced sterilizations and imprisonment

13 new cases reported by the "Women's Rights Without Frontiers." Abortions up to eight and a half months pregnant. Women abducted by the police to undergo sterilization. Husbands with their heads smashed; relatives punished with fines and the demolition of houses. The case of Chen Guangcheng, the blind activist under house arrest for exposing forced abortions and sterilizations in Henan.
Washington (AsiaNews) - A woman was subjected to a forced abortion in the eighth month of pregnancy because her child was conceived outside the quota established by the state; another was forced to abort at eight and a half months, she was pregnant with twins, while other mothers were forced to undergo sterilization, and even more to undergo the insertion of intrauterine contraceptive tools; for entire families, guilty of having more than one child, there are huge fines, the demolition of their homes, prison, torture.

This is the bleak picture of the fruits of one-child law, implemented with violence in China in since the late '70s. The Chinese leadership exalts it as the path – by terminating the lives of over 400 million unborn – that has allowed the current economic development of the country.

The association "Women's Rights Without Frontiers" (www.womensrightswithoutfrontiers.org) has recently published a new report that lists 13 cases, names and photos of new violations of the dignity of women. The publication took place simultaneously with the intervention of President Reggie Littlejohn in front of the Presidential Commission for Foreign Affairs and Human Rights.

The intervention of Littlejohn aims to support a new law that would prohibit the entry to the U.S. of Chinese who have committed “human rights abuses", including those who "participated in imposing coercive Chinese policy ... on the limitation of births ".

The report shows that the one child law, in addition to producing forced abortions, selection and elimination of female fetuses, the suicides of many women, it also leads to other violations of human rights.

Forced sterilizations. They have gathered the testimony of cases in which some women were abducted, stripped, locked in the operating room and sterilized. In the city of Puning (Guangdong) 1300 people were arrested in a sterilization campaign.

"Implications". The report shows the practice of "implication" that is being pursued not just against anyone who goes against the one-child law, but also their relatives. So parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews can be arrested, fined and tortured, as happened in 2008 to a family of Fujian.

Violence against males. The practical implication also targets males. The report presents a case from Henan, where the father of a second son had his head smashed by family planning police and who is now permanently disabled.

Another case, Henan, denounced the killing of a man "guilty" of being the brother of a woman who wanted to escape sterilization.

The report devotes a part to the case of Chen Guangcheng, the blind activist, who previously reported 130 thousand cases of abortions, forced sterilizations in Henan. Because of this he was sentenced to four years and three months in prison. Released in September 2010, he is in fact under house arrest.

His every attempt to contact the outside world is blocked by means of brutal beatings, including his wife, as well as friends and journalists who try to get closer to his home. Earlier this month, Chen's brother was arrested. The activist’s child is not allowed to go to school.

"In China - Littlejohn concludes - the body of a woman does not belong to her. It belongs to the state. The uterus of a woman is the most intimate part of her body, from the physical, emotional and spiritual standpoint. [This] The Chinese Communist Party, acting as a "womb police," destroys the life inside her. And this is a heinous crime against humanity ".

For the full report of "Women's Rights Without Frontiers", click here
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