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Pope: Riches and the cares of world suffocate the Word of God, our past, present and future

Riches “rob us of our time” because they make us forget the past, the election received from God, and make us worry too much about a future without promise. Mass in Santa Marta was concelebrated by e the Bishop of Santa Clara (Cuba).

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - The riches and concerns of the world "suffocate the Word of God," they make us "forget the past, not accept the present, disfigure the future".  This was Pope Francis' comment on today's Gospel at Mass (Matthew 6: 24-34), pointing out that, our life is based on the three pillars of the election, covenant and promise of God rather than on worldly wealth.

Mass at Casa Santa Marta was attended by Archbishop Arturo González, Bishop of Santa Clara (Cuba), and a group of employees of the Vatican Museums, as reported by Vatican Radio.

"The riches and the cares of the world - explained the pope - suffocate the Word of God and do not allow it to grow. And the Word dies, because it is not safeguarded: it is stifled. In that case we serve wealth or our concerns but not need the Word of God.  This has a temporal sense, because the parable - Jesus' discourse in the parable - is time based. Do not worry about tomorrow, about what to do tomorrow. .. And also the parable of the Sower is time based: sow, then the rain will come and it will grow. What does it do to us, what do riches and concerns do to us? Quite simply, take away our time. "

Our whole life, he continued, is based on three pillars: one in the past, one in the present and another one in the future. The pillar of the past "is the election of the Lord." The future instead is about "walking toward a promise" made by the Lord. The present "is our answer to this God so good that He has chosen me."

"To the one who is attached to riches - he added - the past or the future does not matter, he has everything there. It is an idol, wealth. I do not need a past, a promise of an election: nothing. Those who worry about what can happen, cuts off their relationship with the future - 'But, will this work?' - And the future becomes futuristic, it will not guide them towards any promise, and they are confused, alone. "

Riches and concerns, he reiterated, are the two things that "make us forget our past," that make us live as if we had no Father. And also our present "is a present that is not right."

He concluded: "Forgetting the past, failing to accept the present, defacing the future: this is what riches and concerns do. The Lord tells us: 'But, do not worry! Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all will be well '. Let us ask the Lord for the grace not to mistake concerns, the idolatry of wealth and always remember that we have a Father who chose us, remember that this Father promises us a good thing, that is walking toward that promise and having the courage to take the present as it comes. This grace we ask the Lord. "


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