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Pope: The most important thing about Jesus is not his healing or teaching but that he has saved us and intercedes for us

"He is the Savior and as our Savior today, right now, he is interceding for us. May our Christian life be increasingly convinced of this that we have been saved, we have a Savior, Jesus at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us. May the Lord, the Holy Spirit, help us understand these things”.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - The "most important thing" that Jesus does is not to heal, or to teach us, but to save us and be our intercessor.  This was the focus of Pope Francis during his homily at Mass today in Casa Santa Marta, commenting on the Gospel passage that speaks of the crowds rushing to Jesus from every region.

The people of God finds in the Lord "a hope, because his way of acting, teaching, touches their heart, reaches the heart, because it has the power of the Word of God". "The people feel that and see that promises are fulfilled in Jesus, that in Jesus there is hope. The people were a bit bored by the way of teaching the faith, by the doctors of the law of that time, who heaped so many commandments, so many precepts on their shoulders, but did not reach the heart of the people. And when they see Jesus and hear Jesus, the proposals of Jesus, the Beatitudes ... they feel something moving inside - the Holy Spirit awakens this in them! - and they go to see Jesus". The crowd goes to Jesus to be healed: namely, they seek their own good: "We never follow God with purity of intention right from the outset, it's always, a little bit about us a little bit about God ... And the journey we undertake is how we purify this intention. The people go, yes, to seek God, but also to seek health, healing. They threw themselves upon him to touch him, to draw out that strength and be healed".

But the most important thing "is not that Jesus healed" this "is a sign of another type of healing"; nor is it the fact that "Jesus says words that reach the heart": this certainly helps us to meet God. The most important thing is what the Letter to the Hebrews says: "Christ can save those who through him are close to God . For he is always there to intercede for them". "Jesus saves, and Jesus is the intercessor. These are the two key words":

"Jesus saves! These healings, these words that reach the heart are the sign and the beginning of salvation. The path of salvation for many who set out to go to hear Jesus or to ask for a healing and then return to Him and feel salvation . But what is more important, that Jesus heals? No, it is not the most important thing. What we teaches us? It is not the most important thing. That he saves! He is the Savior and we are saved by him. This is more important . And this is the strength of our faith".

Jesus ascended to the Father "and there intercedes today, every day, every moment for us". "And this is something that is actually happening. Jesus is before the Father, offering his life, redemption, showing his wounds to the Father, the price of salvation. And every day, in this way, Jesus intercedes for us. And when we, for one thing or the other, are a little 'down, just remember that He prays for us, He continually intercedes for us. So often we forget this:' Jesus ... But yes, he's over, he's gone to heaven, he sent the Holy Spirit and that's the end of the story '. No! Right now, all the time, Jesus intercedes. In this prayer: 'Lord Jesus, have mercy on me'. He intercedes for me. Appeal to the Lord, seek this intercession. "

This is the central point: that Jesus is "the Savior and Intercessor. It would do us all good to remember this". "So the crowd seeks Jesus with the flair of the hope of the people of God, looking for the Messiah, and tries to find in him health, truth, salvation, because He is the Savior and as Savior even now, at this very moment, intercedes for us. May our Christian life - concluded the Pope - be increasingly convinced of this that we have been saved, we have a Savior, Jesus at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us. May the Lord, the Holy Spirit, help us understand these things".



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