10/06/2010, 00.00
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Taliban claim responsibility for attacks on NATO convoys

by Jibran Khan
The attacks on supplies to Afghanistan will increase to the extent that operations with the drones continue. Even the Pakistani army criticizes the use of drones that last week killed three Pakistani soldiers.

Islamabad (AsiaNews) - The Pakistani Taliban, allies of al Qaeda, today claimed the burning of 10 more tankers supplying NATO troops in Afghanistan. The attack occurred this morning on the outskirts of the city of That, in the south-west of the country.

In recent days the Taliban have claimed responsibility for attacks on convoys to Afghanistan, which are targeted by militants and then set on fire. So far, it is estimated that at least 70 vehicles have been destroyed. Yesterday another tanker truck was blown up by a bomb near the northwestern border of Torkhum in the tribal area of Khyber.

The claim made this morning to AFP by telephone, said that the Pakistani Taliban will continue to target convoys with the same intensity with which NATO drones hit Taliban bases.

Even the Pakistan army criticizes the use of drones [unmanned aerial vehicles used in dangerous missions - ed.] On 30 September a U.S. drone overshot the border with Afghanistan, killing three Pakistani soldiers. Since then the army has closed some roads and borders used by NATO troops for the supply of soldiers in Afghanistan.

ISAF [International Security Assistance Force, the multinational force led by NATO - ed] said that so far the closure of borders and attacks on trucks have not affected their operations.

Supplies for soldiers in Afghanistan, arrive in Pakistan from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


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