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The dream comes true, Egypt is free from a hateful regime

by André Azzam
The country has been waiting with patience and hope for the day when the Muslim Brotherhood would be forced to step aside. Now, armed with a great social diversity that is also a great wealth, we can hope for a new and better nation. Starting from the young people, the "true pyramids" of modern Egypt. It is the end of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Cairo (AsiaNews) Amazing, amazing the huge crowds gathered all night long and more and more today in all squares in all towns of Egypt. Something never before seen in Egypt or anywhere else in the world.Tens of millions of people gathered all over the country along one thousand kilometers on the Nile Valley and united by a strong will to build up the future of a dismantled state, a destroyed economy, a collapsed country.

During one whole year, the religious extremist regime of Mohammad Morsi succeeded in dividing the people, ruining the economy and failing to achieve anything positive except this amazing and successful result: bringing all the diverse elements of a manifold population united by a strong hope for the future, a firm desire to liberate the country from the autocratic and fascist regime dominated by the so-called Muslim Brotherhood.

All the day long the whole population was out in the streets and the squares to wait for the end of a long nightmare, expecting the SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) communiqué after the deadline of the ultimatum given to Morsi and his tribe, as every one used to call his movement these last months.

In fact, Morsi revealed himself to care only for his tribe and not for the whole Egyptian people. Hence he lost the support of many people who did chose him at the presidential élections last year. He lost as well any credibility constantly and increasingly all along last months, since he reacted wrongly at all occasion, losing every opportunity to assemble the population or to gain respect. Even in his last speech yesterday, he was not able to match with the events and he did not get his last chance to save the situation.

Over the past few days, the Egyptian population lived constantly in the streets and the squares with an incredible increasing number. As if the whole population was gathering to celebrate a sacral union in a kind of huge festival, repeating slogans and chanting songs, waiting for the final release.

The deadline of the SCAF happened at 16:30 pm. But everybody was waiting patiently and full of hope. In Cairo, the crowds were in the emblematic Tahrir square, as well as in front of the presidential palace in Héliopolis, in front of Qoubba palace, and also in front of the Presidential Guard premises next to Héliopolis, where Morsi was reported to have taken refuge.

Elsewhere in Cairo Morsi supporters were gathered, mainly in front of Rab'a al 'Adaweyya mosque in Madinat Nasr, and around Cairo University, where they shot many young people dead last night. Their numbers were completely out of proportion with the millions gathered elsewhere.

During the day, troops from the armed forces surrounded Rab'a al 'Adaweyya and Cairo University areas preventing any possible clash with the rest of the population. Huge crowds were seen in all the Egyptian towns: Alexandria, Mansourah, Tantah, Menoufeyya, Suez, Assiut, Sohag, etc.

Every where people were waiting for history to start, a new era for Egypt.

Finally, came the SCAF statement, that was broadcasted openly and assembled the General Abderrahmane al-Sissi, head of the armed forces with all the SCAF members representing the different the different components of the armed forces, along with Chaykh Ahmad al Tayyib, great imam of Al Azhar, Pope Tawadraus, head of the Coptic Church, Mohammad al Baradeï, president of al Destour (constitution) party and spokesman of the Salvation front, and also the main promoter of Tamarrod (rebellion) movement, plus Sakina al Sadate, sister of late Anwar al Sadate and very active on the political and communication fields. There was also a long bearded man, probably representing the salafist movement, who was part of the Morsi front in former days.

The communiqué was certainly very well prepared by all the former personalities quoted, every single word strongly chosen, with precision and sobriety. General al Sissi announced one by one the 13th items of the communique as following: Freezing the Constitution; giving the interim presidency to the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court; the interim president will be able to make constitutional announcements and decisions; organization of presidential elections; nomination of a government composed of national leaderships ;composition of a Commission to review and adjust the entire Constitution; organization of Parliamentary elections; elaboration of a Code of Conduct for the media and communication sector; taking executive steps in order to involve more and more Young people in the decision making of the state; constituting a high commission for national reconciliation among all currents; permanent support of the armed forces to the Egyptian people; warning: constant cooperation between the armed forces and the police to preserve peace; expression of gratitude, respect and appreciation to the armed forces, the police, and the judiciary.

After General al Sissi, the following personalities addressed the nation: Al Azhar Chaykh, Pope Tawadraus, Mohammad al Baradei, the Tamarrod leader, Sakina al Sadate, in a scenery never before seen in Egypt, since probably the time of Saad Zaghloul in the 1919 revolution, when the famous slogan was born: ''Religion for God and Nation for all''.

Very soon after this historical momentum, the crowds and the millions exploded in a huge shout of joy and happiness. Huge bursts of laughter and happiness were heard for hours all over the country. Proving that the population was not only united by the same expectations and hopes, but also with the same momentum of satisfaction and gratefulness.

Immediately the three main Islamistic TV channels: ''25'', ''al Nur'', ''al Hafez'' stopped broadcasting, probably prevented, in order to avoid any calls to provoke reactions to Morsi's ouster. The late president, in a communiqué on al Jazira channel, rejected the SCAF decision and called on his supporters to resist to what he termed a military coup.

All over the country positive reactions hailed the ''genius'' of Egyptian people, the genius of creating history and civilization, their genius in cultivating the earth and creating art and culture. A constantly heard reaction was the following one: Egyptians created the pyramids long ago, our present pyramid is made of our youth, rich in their capacity to reinvent history and an open future for Egypt.

In general, the observers and political analysts have agreed that this was the end of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, born in this land in 1928 and dying here in 2013... For many analysts, this is also marking an end to the idea of any religious government in the Middle East.

Everybody was foreseeing some five to ten years of difficulties to get rid of the religious autocracy. And everybody is happily surprised that the period was reduced to only one year to get rid of the hatred of the religious regime.

Now the hope is for the future. In every corner, people are expressing hope, expectations, and eagerness to rebuild the country on solid basis including all elements of the nation as was seen during the official communiqué with the diversity of presenters.

The first goal is obviously the internal rebuilding of the state and the country, with the reinforcement of the economic status. Then the new leadership will have to settle relations with the outside world, namely with the United States and Europe, who failed to support to the Egyptian population.

Either way, the amazing Egypt and the amazing Egyptian people are certain of a brighter future, confident of their own energy and their own strengths.


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