11/16/2018, 11.41
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The fruits of sinicization: worshiping the 'god' Xi Jinping

The campaign plans to destroy crosses, replace crucifixes and images with the photo of Xi and the Chinese flag. The similarities with Mao and with the ancient emperors. By 2030, China will be the country with the largest number of Christians.

Rome (AsiaNews) - Friends from China have sent a very significant picture to AsiaNews. It shows the interior of a Christian house (there is an image of Jesus on the right). What makes an impression is that at the center of what could be a kind of ancestral altar, surrounded by greetings for the Chinese New Year, stands an image of President Xi Jinping. The photo of the smiling leader has dispossessed the centrality of Jesus, relegating it to a corner (photo 1).

It is one of the fruits of the sinicization, the program of forced assimilation of religions to Chinese culture, which includes submission to the Chinese Communist Party.

But here there is not only submission to the Party, here there worship of Xi Jinping as if he were a god.

Already at other times we have reported on the attempts of the party to replace crucifixes and other images with those of the leader massimo. There are also obligations to place the photo of Xi Jinping even inside the churches (photo 2).

Sinicization now obliges many parishes to hang the Chinese flag, to destroy the crosses, to pray to the Party - and not God - to receive benefits in this life.

All this closely resembles the Maoist period, in which people prayed the Great Helmsman for their cabbages to grow in the fields and have a good harvest.

And it also recalls the imperial period, in which the emperor blessed the sowing and the furrows of the plow in the fields. The difference is that while the emperor considered himself beneath God, "sent" by Him to rule, today's emperors think they are god themselves.

From this point of view, sinicization is not a political submission of the faith, but a real war on religion, to oust the gods of the other faiths and replace them with the god Xi Jinping.

This war is particularly acute against Protestant and Catholic Christians, whose number grows year by year. According to Prof. Yang Fenggang, sociologist of religions, by 2030 China will have about 250 million Christians, which will make it the country with the largest number of Christians in the world. (BC)

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