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Thousands of Chinese pills with meat of dead human fetuses impounded by Korean Customs

In 10 months there were 35 smuggled shipments of more than 17 thousand pills. All contain 99.7% of human flesh. Chinese hospitals sell aborted fetuses and dead infants for this alternative medicine that claims to be an energy booster and assist sexual performance. In fact, the pills contain many powerful bacteria. The silence of the Chinese Ministry of Health.

Seoul (AsiaNews) - South Korean customs officers have stopped the trafficking in pills containing the dehydrated meat of fetuses or dead infants, considered to be a "super cure". The customs service had already discovered the traffic last August: from then until now at least 17,451 pills have been marketed.

The pills, sourced from northern China, are made of the flesh of dead babies or fetuses that were cut into pieces, dried in special kilns and then pulverized and mixed with herbs to hide their contents. The San Francisco Times says that a test performed on the powder has established that these pills are composed of 99.7% of human flesh. The tests also managed to trace the DNA and sex of children from which the organic matter was made.

According to Korean journalists, who have investigated this trade, Chinese hospitals sell dead babies and aborted fetuses to the Chinese pharmaceutical companies to prepare the pills, believed to boost energy levels for sexual performances.

In fact, according to analysts, the pills contain a long list of bacteria and are dangerous, but to date no one knows anyone who was struck by illness after having taken them.

According to the Korean authorities, the customers of this disgusting traffic are Korean-Chinese who have moved from China to South Korea. Since August last year to date there have been at least 35 attempts to import them in luggage or by international courier.

Some of the smugglers of these pills of human flesh were stopped by police two days ago at the South Korean border. They said they did not know the contents of the medicine, or their origin. The Chinese Ministry of Health has not yet commented on the discovery.

In China, the problem of the use of dead fetuses or infants is recurrent. A few years ago a landfill of body parts of infants treated with aromatic substances was discovered (see: 05/04/2006 Gansu police discover remains of cooked children and 07/04/2006 New evidence on the "cooked child" story as police investigates the discovery of 123 skulls).

In 2003, the Public Security Bureau of Guangdong tried to block reports that some restaurants in the southern province had cooked dead babies in soups to serve businessmen in Taiwan and Hong Kong. According to police, the story was fabricated to damage the image of China and Guangdong. In the 1990s, also in Guangdong a traffic fetuses was discovered that were boiled to make soups marketed as beauty care and rejuvenation product.


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