07/06/2017, 10.14
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United States: Military option against Pyongyang, 'if we have to.' Moon: No to escalation

At the UN Security Council's emergency meeting, the US ambassador urges new sanctions against countries that have relations with North Korea, namely China. Beijing and Moscow: reduce tensions. South Korean President: Sanctions and pressure have to push for dialogue and not to destroy peace.

New York (AsiaNews) - The United States is ready to use their "considerable military force" - "if we must" - against the growing threat of North Korea's intercontinental missiles launch. Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN said last night during a UN Security Council emergency meeting, summoned at the request of US, Japan and South Korea.

Two days ago Pyongyang carried out a missile test with a rocket capable of reaching Alaska. For the United States, this is a definite escalation of war that needs to be stopped with new sanctions, but also with a threat of a military response.

Haley has said that in the next few days he will submit a resolution to the Security Council requiring the response of the entire international community to new sanctions against Pyongyang, affecting its trade, but also countries that continue to have relations with North Korea such as the China.

France has agreed on an increase in sanctions. China and Russia, though condemning North Korea's tests, continue to demand all sides reduce tensions. And they ask the United States to freeze joint military exercises with South Korea in exchange for the blockade of the North's nuclear program and missile tests. Beijing and Moscow also demand the dismantling of the Thaad anti-missile system.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who is on a visit to Germany, has said he is in favor of new sanctions against the North. At the same time, he stressed that pressures should be used to push Pyongyang to join the negotiating table, not to endanger peace. Moon acknowledged that the North’s missile program proceeds "faster than expected". That is why a strong response is needed, but we must strive to "control the situation" to prevent an unforeseeable escalation. Sanctions, he said, "must be used as a means to bring the North to the dialogue table for its de-nuclearization." On their own, pressure and sanctions "should not be used to destroy peace".

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