Rubric Social Doctrine of the Church

Social Doctrine of the Church
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The 56th plenary assembly of the Bishops' Conference met in St Petersburg. Devote every effort to the defence of the Church's rights and religious freedom. Attention to the formation of candidates for the priesthood. The Church must be free from all forms of constraint and violence.



| 14/11/2022
by Mathias Hariyadi

An ethnic Dayak, he replaces Bishop Giulio Mencuccini. Now all Indonesian dioceses are led by Indonesian bishops. For Card Suharyo, the new bishop will take care of the good done by his predecessor. His background in  philosophy will help him accommodate local wisdoms with Christianity.

| 11/11/2022
by Giorgio Bernardelli

Three youth representatives are at the General Conference of Asian Churches, two from India and one from Malaysia. Speaking to AsiaNews, they see the meeting as a great opportunity for an open debate. The emerging challenges in our societies concern them firsthand. For them both present and future count.


| 28/10/2022
by Vladimir Rozanskij

Law against the "propaganda" of "non-traditional" sexual relations under discussion. The Orthodox Church sees the Lgbt reality as "an instrument of invasion of the collective West in a hybrid war against Russia". More proposals for restrictions and punishments for "Satan's messengers" will be forthcoming.



| 21/10/2022
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The city's historic building would become the local headquarters of Caritas. An initiative of auxiliary monsignor Nikolai Dubinin. The building was originally used as a shelter for homeless Catholics; confiscated during the Soviet era, it retained its charitable purpose. It would help the many assistance centres opened by Catholics in European Russia, often under legal and logistical conditions that are still rather precarious.



| 12/09/2022

The two met shortly before John Paul I’s beatification ceremony. The pontiff said he was impatient to pray together for peace in the world. Taiwan is worried by China's diplomatic manoeuvres vis-à-vis the Holy See. Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Cheng Tsai-fa of Taipei passes away.

| 05/09/2022
by Dario Salvi

Eight years after the Islamic State seized the Nineveh Plain, families are still waiting to get their homes and land back. Opposing interests are keeping the country politically paralysed. The Chaldean primate stresses the importance of citizenship and equal rights, and a “courageous national dialogue”.

| 09/08/2022

Accused of "inciting subversion of state power" for articles he posted online and for an interview with Radio Free Asia, he was jailed for trying to join his dying wife in the United States. His sister says he is in poor health after going on a hunger strike for months.

| 28/07/2022

The demolition follows the refusal by the local parish priest to join the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, controlled by the Communist Party of China. Fr Dong Baolu is the only clergyman who did not submit to the Party. In China, men and women religious can perform their functions only if they join “official” bodies.

| 25/07/2022
by Vladimir Rozanskij

He is the youngest among the princes of the Church. His five pieces of advice for a mature faith: praying, proper catechesis on the devil's actions, paying attention to questions of "demonology", celebrating the expulsion of "impure forces" and priestly formation.

| 25/07/2022

A founder of Changsha Funeng, a humanitarian NGO, Cheng is forced to work with a sewing machine and attend courses on the superiority of socialism. He was recently subjected to solitary confinement for three months. In his prison, guards regularly abuse and torture political prisoners.

| 13/07/2022

Koo Sze-yiu will have to spend nine months in prison for sedition: he had organised a protest against the Winter Olympics in the Chinese capital. A veteran of the pro-democracy camp, he has already had 14 convictions for his activism. He told the judge that prison is nothing compared to the contribution of dissidents in China.

| 12/07/2022

Xu Guang was detained by the police on the eve of 4 June, which is the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre. He was imprisoned for demanding the return of his confiscated mobile phone. For years he has been calling for a review of the official verdict on the 1989 repression.

| 06/07/2022

More than 200 bishops, priests and lay people gathered in Tagaytay City for the last phase of the National Synodal Consultation called for by Pope Francis. Meanwhile, the Bishops' Conference plans to discuss a proposal to ask the Vatican to set up a "personal prelature” for 10 million Filipinos who work outside the country.

| 04/07/2022

Celebrations took place on 29 June, Solemnity of Sts Peter and Paul, two days before the Party’s official “birthday”. Catholics are urged to "listen to the word of the Party, feel the grace of the Party, and follow the Party”. Politics has entered the Chinese Church. The regime's control over Catholic clergy is getting tighter.

| 02/07/2022

The human rights lawyer, who is accused of trying to subvert state power, faces life in prison, but his lawyers will plead not guilty. The manner in which he was arrested is disputed. He was detained after he called for Xi Jinping's resignation in the wake of the outbreak of the pandemic. Activists linked to him are in the same situation.

| 15/06/2022

Chan-tha-ywa villages, in the centre of the country, victims of repeated attacks. Local nuns forced to flee to a camp for displaced people. Civilians tortured and killed daily by junts soldiers. Armed opposition rejects generals' demand to lay down their arms.


| 14/06/2022

Police is out in full force to prevent people from remembering the massacre carried out by the Chinese authorities on June 4, 1989. Some act individually near Victoria Park, site of the traditional memorial vigil. US and EU diplomatic missions light candles on the windows of their buildings. For Beijing, the events of 33 years ago do not deserve to be remembered.

| 04/06/2022

Over 50s can't find work and receive no welfare benefits. Those who stay in the countryside earn €1,400 a year, but the cost of living is three times that amount. The economic crisis does not help. Premier Li Keqiang called on to repair the damage caused by Xi's "mini Great Leap Forward".

| 03/06/2022

According to the Hong Kong Democracy Council, more than three-quarters are under the age of 30, more than 15% are under the age of 18. At least 179 opponents are in custody; 1,159 are on trial. Yesterday, well-known jurist Benny Tai was sentenced. While awaiting trial, Card. Zen says "martyrdom is normal in our Church": yesterday he celebrated a Mass for Catholics in China.

| 25/05/2022

The trial against him and five pro-democracy activists will begin Sept. 19. The charge of threatening national security is dropped. New charges of failing to register a charitable fund wth preliminary hearing today, the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China. Meanwhile, the diocese cancels traditional masses for the Tiananmen massacre.

| 24/05/2022

Lai will stand before the High Court on national security and sedition charges. Six staff members of his Apple Daily face the same charges. The tabloid closed last year. Reports that Cardinal Zen will appear in court on 24 May have been denied.

| 18/05/2022
by Vladimir Rozanskij

Serdar Berdymukhamedov tightens rules for women's clothing and appearance, with measures reminiscent of those imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Fines of up to half a month's salary for violators. Many Turkmen women begin defying bans.

| 12/05/2022

The prelate was arrested ostensibly in connection with an investigation into the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund, which helped people involved in the 2019protests. Other trustees of the charity have also been detained. Released on bail at 11pm local time. The charge is collusion with foreign forces, an offence punishable under a national security law.

| 11/05/2022

The 59-year-old suffered a heart attack induced by work-related stress. Ordained bishop in 2010, he had been approved by both the Holy See and Chinese authorities. Bishop Shao Zumin reappeared in a Beijing nursing home controlled 24/7 by police.

| 10/05/2022
by Wang Zhicheng

Forced into "guanzhi", a restriction of movements and activities. Subjected to political sessions to adhere to the official Church and therefore to the Chinese Communist Party. Several religious, still free, fear they will be arrested soon. The Sino-Vatican agreement has not stopped the persecution against the underground community.

| 03/05/2022

The Taizé community in collaboration with the Jesuits promoted the gathering, which brings together members of different churches and denominations. For many, this is an “exceptional” event that looks to the country’s future. The city of Homs was chosen for its symbolic value in the country’s civil war and for the martyrdom of Fr Frans Van der Lugt. The meeting is “great sign of hope,” said Brother Alois.

| 29/04/2022
by Shafique Khokhar

He went to Poland to bring aid to refugees fleeing war. Warm clothes, food and medicine are needed. “I heard heartbreaking stories," the Pentecostal clergyman told AsiaNews.

| 28/04/2022

Sipri: China and India follow the U.S. in military spending. In 2021 the Chinese arrived at 293 billion dollars (+4.7%). Delhi's defense outlay touches 76.6 billion. Upward trend also for Japan and Australia. After four years, Iran's military budget has increased again. In Qatar, growth of 434% compared to 2010.

| 26/04/2022

Beijing wants no surprises in replacement for controversial Carrie Lam. The city's leader is to be chosen by a restricted election committee loyal to the central government. The reopening of the border with mainland China, closed due to Covid-19, is among Lee's priorities. The city leader in pectore invites the democratic camp to submitt suggestions "in writing".


| 19/04/2022
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