Rubric Wednesday Papal audience

Wednesday Papal audience

The pontiff issues a new appeal for peace from St Peter's, asking the world not to forget “martyred Ukraine", Israel, Palestine, and Myanmar, at “this time of world war". In his catechesis, he praised humility, his last reflection in the cycle dedicated to vices and virtues. Greeting a group of novices, he mentioned the shortage of vocations to consecrated life in Italy, inviting them to pray.

| 22/05/2024

Francis pleads for peace again during this Wednesday general audience. Calling for a “definitive peace”, he slammed war, which “is always a defeat. Always.” He also mentioned "tormented Ukraine", Palestine, Israel, Myanmar, and “all peoples who suffer war". Charity is the focus of his weekly catechesis, “for those who are not lovable, [. . .] even for one’s enemy.”

| 15/05/2024

Countries bent by war and violence remembered: Palestine, Israel, Ukraine and Myanmar again recalled at the Wednesday audience. May the intercession of St Stanislaus 'obtain also today the gift of peace in Europe and throughout the world'. The theological virtue of hope, accompanied by patience, belongs to those who "stubbornly desire peace".  

| 08/05/2024

In the general audience Francis renewed his invitation to pray for peace. In the catechesis he reflected on the theological virtue of faith. "Its great enemy is not reason, but fear". A gift that "must be asked daily, so that it may be renewed in us".

| 01/05/2024

Dedicated to the last of the deadly sins the catechesis of today's general audience back in St Peter's Square. On the path of Lent the invitation to "free yourself from everything that masks your life in order to return with all your heart to God who loves us with eternal love". "Let us continue to pray for those who suffer the horror of war".

| 06/03/2024

Pope Francis' appeal 25 years after the entry into force of the Ottawa Treaty that banned them. At the Synod of Armenian Catholics the closeness to the Nagrono-Karabakh refugees. In the catechesis, reflection on the deadly vices of envy and vainglory.

| 28/02/2024

At the general audience an invitation to listen to the Word of God and to care for our brothers and sisters during Lent. "Let us pray for our brothers and sisters who suffer because of war". Homage to Card. Simoni - present in the Paul VI Hall - a "living martyr", witness to the Gospel like so many other persecuted Christians of today

| 14/02/2024

At the General Audience, Francis dedicated his catechesis to sadness, inviting us to distinguish between its "friendly" face that spurs us to seek salvation and the "constant affliction" devoid of hope that festers the heart. "Let us not forget to pray for peace: war is always a defeat".

| 07/02/2024

At the General Audience, Francis spoke of a "particularly dark" vice, which must be shaken off immediately without brooding when it leads to the hatred of others. But a "holy indignation" also exists when faced with injustice. The pontiff issued another appeal for the "helpless victims of wars" in the Middle East and Ukraine.

| 31/01/2024

At the general audience Francis dwelt on the vice that prevents man from generosity. The warning on the eve of the Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Shoah: "The logic of hatred and violence can never be justified, because they deny our very humanity. Let us remember this also in today's wars'.

| 24/01/2024

At his general audience, Pope Francis called to look at the root of "toxic relationships" that tragic news events also bring to the fore. On the eve of the Week for Christian Unity the invitation to pray that "Christians may reach full communion and bear unanimous witness of love toward all." And at the World Economic Forum he writes, "Peace can be nothing other than the fruit of justice."

| 17/01/2024

The pontiff spoke about spiritual striving in his first general audience of 2024 in the Paul VI Hall, in the new cycle of the catechesis centred on vices and virtues, which began last week. Noting that “Jesus forgives everything,” he stressed that we must “regain this capacity to ask for forgiveness.”

| 03/01/2024

In the first general audience after Christmas, the pontiff introduced a new series of catechesis centred on "vices and virtues." Starting with the story of Adam and Eve, the pontiff said that the "dynamics of evil and temptation" is represented by the "serpent". In his greetings, he called to pray “for martyred Ukraine and the people of Palestine and Israel".

| 27/12/2023

New appeal by Francis at the general audience for Israelis and Palestinians to choose peace instead of arms. In the Paul VI Hall the concluding reflection of the cycle of catechesis on apostolic zeal in evangelisation: "Jesus says to every believer and to his Church: open up because the message of the Gospel needs you in order to be witnessed and proclaimed".

| 13/12/2023

Also today at the general audience Francis entrusted a collaborator with the reading of the text of the catechesis. The proclamation of the Gospel "is not a manual to be applied but the work of the Spirit". A new call to prayer for peace "especially in Ukraine, Israel and Palestine. War is always a defeat, only the arms manufacturers gain".

| 06/12/2023

Francis's issued a new appeal to Israelis and Palestinians. “Those who make weapons. They earn a lot from the deaths of others.” An official with the Secretariat of State read today’s catechesis because the pontiff’s lung inflammation made it hard for him to speak. The Christian proclamation “is alive today here for us. Aware of this, let us therefore look at our age and our culture as a gift” without “judging them from afar”.

| 29/11/2023

At the general audience, Francis relaunches the message of his apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, published ten years ago. He makes a fesh appeal to the faithful to "take time to pray for peace for the tormented Ukraine, in the Holy Land, Palestine, Israel. And let us not forget Sudan, which suffers so much and everywhere there is war'.

| 15/11/2023

At the general audience a reflection on Saints Cyril and Methodius, the apostles of the Slavs, as a great example of the inculturation of the faith as a path to mission. New appeal for the release of hostages and the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza: "I continue to pray for those who suffer and to hope for paths of peace". The Holy See's representative at the UN Mgr. Caccia: "Although the path of dialogue today seems narrow, it is the only possible option to end the violence".

| 25/10/2023

Yet another appeal at the end of the general audience in St Peter's Square. The pontiff has called for another day of fasting and prayer for peace for 27 October, during which he will preside over a celebration. In the catechesis on the great witnesses of evangelisation the "apostolate of meekness of St Charles de Foudauld, prophecy for today's world".

| 18/10/2023

New appeal by Francis to Israelis and Palestinians at the general audience: "I pray for the families who have seen a day of celebration turned into a day of mourning. It is the right of those who are attacked to defend themselves, but also in Gaza there are many innocent victims. The Middle East does not need war but peace built on justice, dialogue and fraternity". "Let the earthquake-stricken Afghanistan be helped". In the catechesis the example of St Josephine Bakhita the former slave whom forgiveness made "a woman of peace and peacemaker".

| 11/10/2023

At the general audience Pope Francis reviewed his apostolic journey to Marseille. "The sea is a cradle of civilisation for life, it is not tolerable that it becomes a graveyard. Young people who are poor in hope, closed in their private lives, preoccupied with managing their precariousness, how can they open themselves up to encounter and sharing?"

| 27/09/2023

Francis' appeal at the general audience for the Caucasus once again plunged into violence. On the table is a ceasefire between Azeris and Armenians brokered by Moscow that would include the surrender of the Armenian government in the enclave. The catechesis in St. Peter's Square dedicated to the figure of St. Daniel Comboni, apostle of Africa. From the pontiff a new denunciation against slavery and colonialism "which are not just a memory of the past".

| 20/09/2023

Recalling the example of the Venezuelan Blessed Hernández Cisneros, the "doctor of the poor", Francis invites us "not to stop at words, but to get our hands dirty on the great social, economic and political issues" of our time. The appeal for prayer and solidarity for the flood victims in Libya.

| 13/09/2023

At the general audience, Francis reviewed the meetings of his apostolic journey to Mongolia. "Why did the Pope go so far from a small flock? Because the Lord does not seek the centre of the stage, but the simple heart of those who desire and love him. Let us widen the boundaries of our gaze to widen also those of the heart".

| 06/09/2023

The pontiff's announcement today at the end of the general audience: a new exhortation on the feast of Saint Francis. “Let us stand alongside the victims of environmental and climate injustices”. In catechesis, the missionary example of Kateri Tekakwitha, the first native North American saint.

| 30/08/2023

At the general audience, resuming his catechesis on evangelical zeal, Pope Francis reflects on the figure of Juan Diego, the Indian of the Guadalupe apparitions. "To inculturate the Gospel requires perseverance and patience, I think of a country where Christians are persecuted and cannot practice their faith in peace"

| 23/08/2023

Francis speaks about his “dear Ukraine", warning against "certain halls" where war “is planned".  The pontiff offered his prayers to the victims of natural disasters in Slovenia and Georgia and their families. He expressed a final thought for the presidents of the countries of the Amazon region, reiterating his “commitment to the care of creation and sustainable development”.

| 09/08/2023

In his last general audience before the summer break, Francis recalled the missionary zeal of St. Mary MacKillop, who spent her life educating the poor in rural Australia. "May Saints Peter and Paul sustain us in following Christ and intercede for peace in Ukraine."

| 28/06/2023

Before he was admitted to the Gemelli Polyclinic for surgery, Francis welcomed the relics of the Carmelite patroness of missions, in St. Peter's Square. On the 150th anniversary of her birth, which falls this year, he announced his intention to write an Apostolic Letter dedicated to her. For the feast of Corpus Christi, he urged the faithful to reach out, “frequently and with devotion, to Jesus, the Bread of Life”.

| 07/06/2023

Francis dedicated today's general audience in St Peter's Square entirely to the Jesuit apostle of China. May the example of the young people from Ukraine and Russia living together as brothers and sisters in the Italian citadel of Rondine "arouse intentions of peace also in those who have political responsibilities".

| 31/05/2023
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