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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
01/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope Francis, "rabbits" and the colonization of families
by Bernardo Cervellera
The controversy over Catholics who have children "like rabbits" has overshadowed the Pope’s message about ideological attacks on the family a "colonization" to be freed of. The UN and development agencies funds used for "reproductive health". Collaboration with other religious traditions, including Jews and Muslims vital to counter this "ideological colonization".
Rome (AsiaNews) - The dust has yet to settle over the controversy aroused by the words of Pope Francis that Catholics have "children like rabbits". Many Catholic husbands and wives who have large families, were offended that a Pope downgraded them to "baby making...

Obama and Modi reach nuclear deal without giving details
After years of deadlock, the two powers take an "important step" to implement an earlier 2005 US decision to provide India reactor components. The US leader shortens his visit to fly to Saudi Arabia. China cast its shadow over the meeting.
01/26/2015 CHINA - VATICAN
Opposed to new unlawful ordinations, Chinese Catholics are united for religious freedom
by Veritas Vincit
Chinese Catholics oppose the government's decision to ordain "independent" bishops. Candidates are called to refuse their "unlawful ordination". The official and underground Churches must "stand up" to these abuses.
01/26/2015 VIETNAM - ASIA
A top Vietnamese architect designs low-cost housing that can withstand natural disasters
​​Vo Trong Nghia and his team want to build prefabricated homes for less than US$ 4,000 that can resist earthquakes, floods, and typhoons. Thrilled by the project, the first beneficiary of the bamboo and coconut leaf prototype home is a farmer in the Mekong Delta. NGOs and international organisations are ready to support large-scale use of this technology.
01/26/2015 SRI LANKA - VATICAN
Kurunegala: first celebration for St Joseph Vaz, canonised by Pope Francis
by Melani Manel Perera
Some 6,000 children from diocesan catechism classes attend the Mass led by Card Ranjith. The new saint is praised as a model missionary for children and adults.

01/26/2015 CHINA
In China, one third of all online products is fake (or hazardous to human health)
According to official statistics, up to 350 million Chinese have shopped online. A government-backed study indicates a high risk for consumers, state TV reported. Bootleg products include a mobile phone with a fake circuit board, toys without proper safety certification, and ordinary soil sold as fertiliser.
01/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Mainly women transmit the faith
It is ' the path chosen by Jesus, "who wanted to have a mother. "All of us have received the gift of faith. We have to safeguard it." Two things oppose our "living faith": "the spirit of fear and shame." . "We ask the Lord for the grace to have a sincere faith, a faith that is non-negotiable depending on the opportunities that come.
01/26/2015 EGYPT - ISLAM
More blood in Tahrir Square four years after anti-Mubarak revolution
15 people killed in clashes with police. A policeman also killed. Dozens injured and hundreds of arrests. A woman, left-wing activist, was killed the day before in Cairo. A 18 year old girl killed in Alexandria. Police accuse Islamist militants. Bomb attack in a neighborhood of the capital and the Nile delta.
01/26/2015 PHILIPPINES
Maguindanao: 30 policemen killed in clashes with MILF rebels, peace agreement flounders
Victims include militiamen. The violence triggered by a police raid in a village in search of two suspected terrorists believed responsible for numerous bomb attacks. The police did notify MILF leaders of the raid, as required by the peace agreement.
01/26/2015 JAPAN - SYRIA - ISLAM
Tokyo confirms death of hostage and takes time on the exchange of prisoners
Abe government denounces the "terrible and unforgivable execution" of Haruna Yukawa, held hostage along with Kenji Goto by Islamic State terrorists in Syria. Fundamentalists want the release of Sajida al-Rishawi, who in 2005 took part in the attack in Amman which killed 60 people. Beijing attacks the Land of the Rising Sun: "The price that Japan has paid for its support to Washington."
01/25/2015 VATICAN
Pope: many Christians are persecuted and killed because they are Christians, regardless of their confession
"Christian unity will not be the fruit of subtle theoretical discussions in which each party tries to convince the other of the soundness of their opinions. We need to realize that, to plumb the depths of the mystery of God, we need one another, we need to encounter one another and to challenge one another under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who harmonizes diversities and overcomes conflicts. Who reconciles differences".
01/25/2015 VATICAN
Pope: the desire for Christian unity part of our "thirst for God"
"Heartfelt appeal" for end to fighting and resumption of dialogue in Ukraine. "In becoming man God tasted our own thirst, not only our material thirst for water, but above all the thirst for a full life, free from the slavery of evil and death”. Filipinos, a "wonderful people"
01/24/2015 SOUTH KOREA
Auxiliary of Seoul: youth, the basis of faith. But do not overdo it with activism
The annual meeting for the youth ministry of the South Korean capital this year was directed by Msgr. Peter Chung Soon-taek. During the meeting, in the form of questions and answers, the bishop invites young Catholics to give more space for reflection and prayer: "Only in this way will balances grow in the love of God."
The massacre in Paris helps Islamic fundamentalism and the Israeli right
by Uri Avnery
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has used the attack for electioneering ahead of the vote. The dispute between Jews and Arabs in French territory legacy of North African colonialism. And anti-Semitism becomes the collector to encourage the return of the Jews to Palestine. The fanatics of both sides, the worst enemies of peace. From the great statesman and Israeli activist.
01/24/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "Never before" has dialogue with Islam been so necessary, for mutual knowledge and acceptance of differences, to counter violence
"Despite some misunderstandings and difficulties, there have been advances in interreligious dialogue, also with the faithful of Islam." "The exercise of listening" essential to understand the values of the other and strengthen ones identity. Avoiding "the snares of a conciliatory syncretism which, in the end, is empty and a harbinger of a totalitarianism without values".

Altri articoli
01/24/2015 CHINA-VATICAN
In 2015 China set to ordain independent bishops against the Holy See. Possible reactions of Catholics by Bernardo Cervellera
01/24/2015 MYANMAR
Burmese Church promotes a "culture of peace", to heal the wounds of the colonial past by Pau Lian Cin
01/24/2015 INDIA - USA
Obama in India: nuclear energy, terrorism and climate change (in the shadow of China and Pakistan)
01/23/2015 JAPAN - ISLAM - SYRIA
As the deadline for Japanese hostages expires, the Islamic State begins countdown
01/23/2015 NEPAL
As constitutional talks stall, bishop calls for a secular charter by Christopher Sharma
01/23/2015 VATICAN
Mass media: learning a more authentic and human communication from the family
01/23/2015 MYANMAR
Thousands of people attend the funeral of Kachin Christian teachers raped and killed by soldiers by Francis Khoo Thwe
01/23/2015 VIETNAM - VATICAN
Card Filoni in Vietnam: following Pope Francis to boost the mission among non-Christians by Nguyen Hung
01/23/2015 INDIA
Indian bishop: Beatification of Chiara Lubich, new impetus to interreligious dialogue in Asia by Nirmala Carvalho
Han, a N Korean refugee in Sweden who crossed 7,000 km to escape dictatorship and poverty
01/23/2015 VATICAN
Pope: God’s “work” is reconciliation, because "our God forgives" any sin and "always" forgives
01/23/2015 TAIWAN
Taipei: 'Christian Life Communities' reflect on youth education by Xin Yage
01/23/2015 SAUDI ARABIA
King Abdullah, the timid Saudi reformer, is dead
01/23/2015 THAILAND
Impeachment and trial for former Thai Premier Yingluck Shinawatra
Editor's choices
The children of Mosul and the future: the "five-star" refugee camp
by Bernardo CervelleraIn the garden of the parish of Mar Elia beside the tents there are containers that serve as classrooms for the children and as a library. Another serves as a room for sewing. A children's choir. Fr. Douglas: "Taking care of refugees does not just mean thinking about eating, drinking, medicines, injections, vaccinations ... The displaced persons need to do something and to cultivate hope."
Way of the Cross: the refugees from Mosul beyond the emergency
by Bernardo CervelleraThere are at least half a million people who have taken refuge in Kurdistan to flee from ISIS. In the Shlama Mall at Erbil: 350 people living in the skeleton of a building under construction, with draped sheets and blankets serving as walls. The ordination of a young man, also a refugee, shows that with the flight, there is something that has not been destroyed: the faith, the traditions, the priesthood.
Top 10
01/21/2015 MYANMAR
Burmese army rapes, tortures and kills two Christian Kachin teachers
by Francis Khoo Thwe
01/19/2015 CHINA - VATICAN
Pope Francis sends telegram to Xi Jinping. Xinhua’s black out on Philippines’ visit
01/21/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Poverty is not caused by many children, but throw-away culture
01/19/2015 FRANCE - ISLAM
After Charlie Hebdo, France and the West have to implement a "positive secularism"
by Fady Noun 

01/23/2015 MYANMAR
Thousands of people attend the funeral of Kachin Christian teachers raped and killed by soldiers
by Francis Khoo Thwe
01/22/2015 ITALY - VATICAN
Chiara Lubich like Teresa of Avila: her process of beatification begins
by Costanzo Donegana*
On his flight home, the pope said that the gift of tears, the Filipino people, the people of God, were the real protagonists
Evangelicals, Muslims, and indigenous Filipinos, grateful for the pope's visit
01/21/2015 INDONESIA
Central Sulawesi, new wave of Islamist violence: Murders, kidnappings, mutilations
by Mathias Hariyadi
01/25/2015 VATICAN
Pope: the desire for Christian unity part of our "thirst for God"


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