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11/23/2015 VATICAN
Pope: the Church is "faithful" when places its treasure in Jesus and not "securities” of this world
"The Church is the Bride of Christ, but her Lord is gone and her only treasure is her Lord. And the Church, when faithful, leaves everything to wait for the return of her Lord ". Do "our souls seek refuge only in the Lord or in securities that are not pleasing to the Lord?".
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - The Church is faithful if her "only treasure" is Jesus, and if she does not “make do” with other treasures that are of this world and not of God”.  In fact we should ask ourselves whether our souls seek refuge...

11/23/2015 VATICAN – AFRICA
In messages to Kenya, Uganda and Central Africa, pope says he is coming as a “messenger of peace"
Ahead of his trip, Francis sends video messages to the three countries where he will travel between 25 to 30 November. In his message to the Central African Republic he notes that on the 29th, he will open Bangui Cathedral’s Holy Door “a bit ahead of the Holy Year of Mercy, which "will be for everyone, I hope, a providential time for authentic forgiveness, for giving and receiving, and for the renewal of love."
11/22/2015 VATICAN
Pope: The logic of the Gospel is expressed in humility and selflessness
For the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, the pope said, "The worldly logic rests on ambition and competition, and fights with the weapons of fear, blackmail and the manipulation of minds." Francis entrusts "the many Christians who are, unfortunately, still persecuted today" to the intercession of the new blessed proclaimed in Spain. He calls for a Hail Mary for his trip to Africa.
11/20/2015 VATICAN
Pope: priests, chosen "among men", to serve them with a"loving gaze"
The family as the fundamental "vocational centre”. "They are not philanthropists or officials, but fathers and brothers. Closeness and visceral mercy, a loving gaze: we can evangelize with this witness of life". The importance of attention to vocational discernment: "when I realize that a young man is too rigid, too fundamentalist, I do not trust him”.
11/20/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Temptation of money and power, of "Holy bribe" ever present in Church
"Where there is Jesus, there is no place for worldly society, there is no place for corruption! And this is a struggle we all face, this is the daily struggle of the Church: Jesus always, always with Jesus, always hanging on his every word, listening to his word; and never seek safety in the things of another master. Jesus told us that one cannot serve two masters: either God or riches; God or power".

11/19/2015 VATICAN
No changes to Pope’s visit to Central Africa and he will use an open top car
Francis leaves on November 25 for a trip that will bring him to Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic. In the latter country it will open the Holy Door that will anticipate the start of the Jubilee in Africa. Father Lombardi rules out that the Pope will wear a bulletproof vest.
11/19/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "Jesus weeps" over "todays’ world at war"
"Those who make war, they are cursed, they are criminals”. All conflict eventually leaves "ruins, thousands of children without education, so many innocent victims: so many!, and lots of money in the pockets of arms dealers." Mother Teresa, an "icon" of peacemakers.
11/18/2015 VATICAN
Pope: “On threshold of Jubilee": "no closed doors in the Church, all must remain open"
"We are all sinners! We take advantage of this moment is and cross the threshold of this mercy of God. " There are many places "where closed doors have become normal. We must not give in to the idea that this is the system to follow, which also has security, to our life, our family life, city and society. Let alone the life of the Church. It would be terrible! An unwelcoming Church, as well as a family locked in on itself, demeans the Gospel and dries up the world. "
11/17/2015 VATICAN
Pope warns Christians against "worldliness" of "double life" that destroys identity
"Spiritual worldliness distances us from leading a coherent life, it makes us incoherent", when we "pretend to be one way" but live "in another ". "The Christian spirit, the Christian identity, is never selfish, it is an ongoing attempt to strive for coherence, cure, avoid scandal, heal others, give a good example".
11/16/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Single line of thought, offspring of a worldly mentality, destroys the Christian identity
Worldliness is "acting according to this world" and from this, taking on a "humanism, that takes the place of the true man, Jesus Christ", which is apostasy and persecution. "And in the history of the Church, the history we have seen, my mind turns to one case in particular, the renaming if a religious festival – giving the birth of the Lord has another name - to erase his identity".
11/15/2015 VATICAN
Pope: “We are appalled by such barbarity” and "use of the name of God" to justify violence "is blasphemy!"
Jesus is "the only victorious power and the only fixed point in the midst of the turmoil and tragedies of this world." "Our final goal is our encounter with the Risen Lord. We do not know a time or a place, but we encounter a person: Jesus. Therefore, the problem is not 'when' this will happen, the warning signs of the end times, but being ready. It’s not about knowing 'how' these things will happen, but 'how' we must act now, while we are waiting for them".
11/14/2015 VATICAN
Pope: offer "hope and a future" for refugees, primarily through education to children
Francis expressed approval and support for the "Jesuit Refugee Service", present in 45 countries, received on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the founding of the organization. Their commitment to help, during the Jubilee of mercy, another 100,000 young refugees to go to school.
11/14/2015 VATICAN - FRANCE
Pope: close in prayer to the families of the victims and to the French people hit by "horrible terrorist attacks"
Message to the Archbishop of Paris. "Once again, the Holy Father vigorously condemns violence, which cannot solve anything, and he asks God to inspire thoughts of peace and solidarity in all".
11/13/2015 VATICAN
Pope: God is "the great eternal beauty", but there is the temptation to deify things "of this earth"
It "is idolatry to regard beauty – the many beautiful things - without thinking that there will be a sunset." Instead we must always direct our gaze "beyond," to '"our final habit", to the one God who is beyond "the end of all created things".
11/12/2015 VATICAN
For the pope, in today's world "the greatest famine is that of charity"
“In many people, doubts may emerge that God, although he is the Father, he may also be a master. In such a situation, it may not seem best to entrust ourselves fully to him because he might ask something too challenging or even put us to the test. This however is a big deception. It is the ancient deception of the enemy of God and man, who hides reality and disguises good as evil.”

Altri articoli
11/12/2015 VATICAN - INDIA
Pope: The Eucharist is not a reward for good, rather strength for the weak, for sinners
11/11/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Sad where a family at the table does not speak, this is the silence of selfishness
11/10/2015 VATICAN – ITALY
For pope in Florence, being close to the people "is the only way to open their hearts to listen to God"
11/10/2015 VATICAN – ITALY
Pope in Florence wants a Church that knows how to upset and inspire, one that rejects power but includes the poor, one that reaches out
11/10/2015 VATICAN - ITALY
Pope in Prato: fighting "the cancer of corruption, exploitatin of humans and in the workplace"
11/06/2015 VATICAN
Pope stresses need for “personal and social sensitivity” towards new life and the poor and exploited
11/06/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Even in the Church there are “social climbers and the money hungry. How many priests and bishops have we seen like this”.
11/05/2015 VATICAN
Pope: for Christians, martyrdom is a common experience, deeper than the differences that still exist between us
11/05/2015 VATICAN
Pope: A Christian never closes the door to anyone, those who exclude, generate conflicts and will answer to God
11/04/2015 VATICAN
The pope’s path of renewal continues “without hesitation,” says Fr Lombardi
11/04/2015 VATICAN
Pope says ability to forgive and be forgiven makes families solid and society less cruel
11/03/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "Whoever serves, saves. Conversely, those who don't serve have no reason to be alive.”
11/02/2015 ASIA
AsiaNews marks 12 years: Persecution and hope by Bernardo Cervellera
11/01/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Beatitudes are path to holiness and happiness
Editor's choices
AsiaNews marks 12 years: Persecution and hope
by Bernardo CervelleraDespite a worldwide increase of ignorance, indifference and superficiality, many signs of love and hope resist even in the most gloomy situations: the Iraqi mother who gives birth to her child in a refugee camp and smiles even though she has nothing; the Indonesian Muslim mother who blesses her son who became a Christian and a priest; the Chinese Christian families that welcome children thrown away because of the one-child law.
Pope: In “extremely difficult social and marital context”, Church called to carry out mission in fidelity, truth and charity.The opening Mass of the Synod on "The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and in the contemporary world," Pope Francis speaks of the paradoxes of global society: "power" accompanied by loneliness and helplessness." Today's man "ridicules" the family and love, but thirsts for it. The Church bears witness to indissoluble love, but must not forget to care and sustain "the man who falls or who errs." "A Church with closed doors betrays itself and its mission, and instead of being a bridge it becomes a barrier."
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11/19/2015 INDIA
“I have been healed by the Eucharist,” says 81-year-old priest miracle at Eucharistic congress in Mumbai
by Nirmala Carvalho
11/18/2015 EGYPT - SYRIA
Patriarch Younan: IS cannot be defeated with air raids, the West has betrayed Christians
by Rafic Greiche
11/19/2015 RUSSIA – ISLAM
Not all Russian Muslims condemn Islamic State
by Nina Achmatova
11/20/2015 VATICAN
Pope: priests, chosen "among men", to serve them with a"loving gaze"
11/18/2015 BANGLADESH
PIME missionary targeted in Dinajpur gun attack
by Sumon Corraya
11/19/2015 BANGLADESH
As attacked Dinajpur PIME missionary remains in stable condition, his fellow priests now under police escort
11/20/2015 BANGLADESH
Dinajpur’s Christians and Muslims close to PIME missionary who escaped assassination attempt
11/20/2015 FRANCE – ISLAM
French imams slam terrorists for destroying Islam’s future and that of its children
by Consiglio degli imam di Francia
11/19/2015 ISLAM
For Muslim scholar, the fight against Islamic State jihadists calls for a new interpretation of Islam
by Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im*
Manila, Tokyo and Taipei reinforce anti-Beijing axis in South China Sea


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