Taiwanese military cancel scheduled canon drill. The Chinese involved ships and helicopters at sea. The Liaoning aircraft carrier will pass through the Strait.

| 19/04/2018
| Economy

Under the authority of the World Trade Organization, the duties imposed by the US on steel and aluminum and those planned by China on US products will be addressed. Theft of intellectual property is also on the agenda.

| 19/04/2018
| Economy

Francis launches fresh appeal for Alfie Evans and Vincent Lambert. Baptism "is the beginning of a process that allows one to live united to Christ in the Church". This is why it is important to remember the day of our baptism and to teach children to make the sign of the cross well. Encouragement for the World Bank to promotes the life of the poor through financial inclusion.

| 18/04/2018
| Economy

New rules come into effect on 1st May. The goal is to boost the tourism industry with horse racing, gambling, casinos. A free trade port is also planned.

| 18/04/2018
| Economy

Growth of 6.8% in the first quarter. Private investments rose by 8.9%; state ones by 13%. The migrant labor force also grew: 1.1%. The services sector is now 55.6% of GDP. But the trade war with the US could reduce the growth by 2.5% with 14 million jobs at risk.

| 17/04/2018
| Economy

John Cao, a Chinese national married to an American woman, was engaged in religious outreach and charity work between Hunan and Myanmar. The US State Department has called for his release on "humanitarian grounds". Family members have not been allowed to see him. China’s religious policy has become tougher.

| 16/04/2018
| Freedom of religion
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The South Korean Church is praying for the success of the event, looking forward to "concrete" solutions to the peninsula’s problems. Hope was reborn with the Olympics. People are waiting for a message from Pope Francis.


A harsh exchange between Russia and the United States at the UN. Trump speaks of possible intervention, with the support of London and Paris. Moscow denounces the "campaign of aggression" against a sovereign state. Msgr. Georges Abou Khazen: "there are no certainties" on the Douma attack. The prayers of Christians for peace in the country.


About 158 refugee families live in the parish of Amadiya and surrounding villages. They need food, clothes, shoes, school support, kerosene. Many Christian, Yazid and Arab families returned to Mosul only to turn back. The ‘Adopt a Christian from Mosul’ campaign is ongoing.


Xi Jinping sent a highly congratulatory message. Japan and Germany issued polite words. The Observatory for Security and Cooperation in Europe criticised restrictions on fundamental freedoms. Tensions with Britain remain over the ex-spy poisoning. For Chinese scholar, as the West continues to attack Russia and China, the two will move closer.

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