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At the Angelus, Pope Francis recites a Hail Mary with the pilgrims for the Genoa tragedy victims and their loved ones . The Assumption of Mary means that "God wants to save all of mankind, body and soul". The resurrection of the flesh "is an element proper to Christian revelation, a cornerstone of our faith". "We are called to serve and glorify God with all our being, body and soul".



An editorial in the state newspaper praises the repressive policies implemented in the region against the Uyghurs. Xinjiang has avoided becoming like "the Syria or Libya of China". Un Commission Report denounces a million Muslims locked up in internment camps.


| 13/08/2018

The representatives of the two Koreas announce summit with a joint declaration. The high-level meeting today at the northern border: Apply the Panmunjom declaration.


| 13/08/2018

During the Angelus Pope Francis met almost 100,000 young Italians who came to Rome on pilgrimage. “[I]t is necessary to live coherently with the promises of Baptism, renewed in Confirmation, not with hypocrisy: these promises have two aspects: renunciation of evil and attachment to goodness,” he said. “It is good not to do evil, but it is evil not to do good". The pontiff singled out priests and nuns to thank them for their patience with young people. He blessed the images of Our Lady of Loreto and the San Damiano Cross that were handed over to a delegation from Panama, site of the next World Youth Day.

| 12/08/2018

Francis met 60,000 young people who came to Rome for a gathering titled "Along a thousand roads," an event promoted by the Italian Bishops' Conference ahead of the Synod of Bishops on Youth.

| 11/08/2018
by Wang Zhicheng

Jasic Technology workers claim they are treated “like slaves". At least 14 people are still in custody. Maoists demand their liberation and the right to establish independent trade union. Publicly traded JT sells products all over the world and has plants in Shenzhen, Chongqing and Chengdu. Its Shenzhen plant alone employs about a thousand people.

| 11/08/2018

The work of "sinicisation" of religions continues with the aim of eliminating foreign influences. Ethnic Muslim Hui fear repression like in Xinjiang. “They want to secularise Muslims, to cut off Islam at the roots,” said an imam. “These days, children are not allowed to believe in religion: only in communism and the party.”

| 11/08/2018
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by Shan Ren Shen Fu (山人神父)

Cross and inscription "Catholic Church" removed from church facade. The ban on holding summer youth camps for catechism. Meanwhile, the vaccine scandal breaks out, a sign of a lack of moral values in Chinese society. Vaccinating young people in the spirit, helping them discover their faith, would help Chinese society. The considerations of a priest blogger.

| 06/08/2018
by Suor Mary Prema

The disappearance of a child who was sold has "nothing to do with the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity". The nuns are victims of "many myths [. . .] information distorted and false news” as well as “baseless innuendo". Sr Prema gives her version of events and defends her congregation. Only two weeks before, the authorities described the children’s home involved as an “excellent environment for the care of children”. Now they have been taken by social services.

| 17/07/2018
Raduno nazionale dei Giovani missionari a Pontianak (West Kalimantan) - Parte 2/2
Shandong, per motivi ‘urbanistici’, demolita con la forza una chiesa ufficiale a Liangwang
Eruzione Monte Merapi 11/05/2018 - 03
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