28 June 2017
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  • 28/06/2017 - LEBANON - PALESTINE

    Bilal Akar, wanted for several crimes, and Samir Badran died in the clashes. Even a little girl was hit by a stray bullet. Tension remains high in the area. Economic issues behind the violence. The army takes over control of the area.

    28/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope urges Trade Unions to be “prophetic” in defending the rights of "the most fragile workers"

    The role of Trade Unions in a modern society, their need to distinguish themselves from politics and for a new social pact for young people. "It's a crippled and short-lived society that forces older people to work too long and forces an entire generation of young people not to work when they should work for themselves and for everyone."

    28/06/2017 - KOREA

    Moon, détente with the North for the Winter Olympics: one team for the two Koreas

    North Korea should first qualify for PyeongChang 2018. The North did not participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia in 2014. In the past the two Koreans have already marched under the unified flag at various opening ceremonies of the Asian Games and the Under 20 World Cup in 1991

    28/06/2017 - INDIA

    A photographer provokes: In India women are worth less than sacred cows (Photo)

    The project is by photographer Sujatro Ghosh. Women portrayed in the most famous places in Delhi. Every 15 minutes in the country a woman is raped. The "cow watchers" protest on social media and call for the young man to be slaughtered in front of a mosque.

    27/06/2017 - LEBANON – PORTUGAL

    Lebanon: The Church consecrates the country and the Middle East to Our Lady of Fatima

    by Fady Noun

    The long schedule of prayers was dedicated to peace. The journey is not for the "weak of heart" who are content with "salvation on the cheap". Without the conversion of the heart, pilgrimage is not enough. Penance and mercy go hand in hand. We must always be ready to respond to the Virgin's requests.

    27/06/2017 - IRAQ

    For Catholic Leader, Mosul's liberation from IS is near with reconstruction to follow

    Duraid Hikmat Tobiya said that only a "few areas" remain in jihadi hands. Iraqi forces repel an IS counter-offensive. The fate of civilians remains a major concern. So far, more than 800,000 people have been displaced. Extremism must be controlled in sermons and school curricula. From Mosul comes an appeal to rebuild the mosque and minaret destroyed by the Islamic State.

    27/06/2017 - HONG KONG – CHINA

    Hong Kong’s 20 years tested by Xi Jinping's visit

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    The president and his wife arrive tomorrow for several ceremonies behind two-tonne barriers and heavy security screens. Deng had promised "one country, two systems," but in recent years the people of Hong Kong have had to fight for democracy and against security laws. Many statements coming from Beijing highlight the mainland’s blind supremacy. Dissatisfied, many young people are tempted by "independence".

    27/06/2017 - PHILIPPINES

    Marawi: Maute ready to release Fr Chito, but Manila refuses to negotiate

    Abdullah Maute is willing to release the priest if the authorities release his parents and relatives. “The government’s policy is not to negotiate with terrorists,” presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said. “We knew from the start that they don’t want to negotiate,” Marawi Bishop Edwin de la Peña noted. Terrorists say they are ready to pull back if the MILF intervenes. Government losses rise to 70. About 100 guerrillas still occupy Lilod, Bangolo, Raya Madaya and Marinaut. The army changes strategy.

    27/06/2017 - INDIA - USA

    India and the United States never so united on economy, defense, counter-terrorism and China

    Repeated handshakes and hugs between Trump and Modi. Symbolic gestures mask real political intentions. US support in the dispute between Delhi and Islamabad on Islamic extremism. The chief of Kashmir separatists included in the list of terrorists worldwide. Sale of 22 Drones at $ 2 Billion. Sharing information in the naval field.

    27/06/2017 - VATICAN – ORTHODOX

    Communion between Catholics and Orthodox “must not be a bland uniformity”, says pope

    Francis met with a delegation from the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Rome for the traditional feast of Saints Peter and Paul. In the first millennium, united, Christians cultivated "a variety of theological, spiritual and canonical traditions compatible with the teaching of the apostles and the ecumenical councils.”

    27/06/2017 - CHINA

    As state companies cook the books, official statistics on growth lose their credibility

    Books are manipulated in cahoots with local governments. Promotions are linked to the growth of local industrial areas. The Chinese government wants to correct the situation, but penalties are too lenient. Meanwhile international agencies cast doubt on the credibility of official statistics and lower China’s rating.

    27/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: "We are grandparents called to dream and gift our dreams to today's youth"

    Francis celebrates Mass with the Cardinals present at Rome on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his episcopal ordination. " Someone who does not love us says of us that we are the gerontocracy of the Church. It is a mockery. He doesn’t understand what he says.. "

    27/06/2017 - RUSSIA - VATICAN

    Card. Parolin to meet Putin. The Ostpolitik of the third millennium

    by Stefano Caprio

    The new season of the Russian-Vatican dialogue opened after the meeting of Francis and Kirill in Cuba. The mission of Moscow as the "third Rome" and as a bulwark against the enemies of the faith. Papal attempts to have relations with Russia even during the Soviet era. The theological school of M. Arranz. The Catholic Church agrees all pastoral initiatives with the Patriarchate. The problem of the uniates and the crisis of Ukraine. Ecumenical humanitarian aid to Aleppo.

    27/06/2017 - CHINA

    'Too late' to cure Liu Xiaobo, it’s terminal cancer

    Liu Xia, the wife of the great dissident, says any cure is now useless. The US Commission on China asks Liu Xiaobo be transferred to the United States for medical treatment. According to prison authorities, a team of eight doctors are watching over the Nobel Laureate’s Health. The accusation: he was allowed access to treatment too late.

    27/06/2017 - SYRIA

    "Aleppo more beautiful": Christians and Muslims clean the city

    The initiative was promoted in collaboration with the governorate of the city. From clearing sidewalks to the restoration of activities. Fr. Ibrahim: to make the city symbol of the Syrian conflict more beautiful is a "challenge" that "unites" faithful of all religions. And an "opportunity" to renew "that wonderful mosaic that is our society. There is also a summer camp for 860 children. 

    26/06/2017 - MONGOLIA

    Economy, relations with China, and religious freedom dominate presidential election

    Mieygombo Enkhbold, of the Mongolian People's Party, and Khaltmaa Battulga, of the Nationalist Democratic Party, are the frontrunners. The vote is a referendum on economic policy. The country is trying to curb China’s hegemony. In religious matters, nothing has changed. Buddhism is protected by the state whilst Christians endure restrictions.

    26/06/2017 - INDIA

    Mgr Menamparampil warns against the obscurantist danger hanging over India

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Outlawed fundamentalist groups have the support of political and religious leaders, and are not punished for violence against minorities. The economy excludes the most vulnerable groups in society. “Vegetarian terrorism" is unleashed against killing cattle. For Hindu activists, violence against cows is criminal, but violence against human beings is simply punishment. The fear of conversion marks every Christian with suspicion. For one witness, “The better the person, the greater the danger”. Hindutva followers have historicised mythology. "By taking mythologies as histories they are humiliating the sense of history of their own people.” However, the prelate has confidence in Indian society. “All we have to do is create situations where interactions are possible; where everyone has an opportunity to explain himself."

    26/06/2017 - VIETNAM – CHINA

    Hanoi and Beijing at loggerheads over the South China Sea

    by Thanh Thuy

    In a statement, Chinese General Fan Changlong said that all the islands in the South China Sea have been Chinese since ancient times. This caused the cancellation of a planned Sino-Vietnamese Border Defence Friendship Exchange. Beijing is unhappy about Vietnam’s plans to carry out oil and gas exploitation in disputed waters. Hanoi seeks closer economic and military relations with Japan and the United States.

    26/06/2017 - CHINA-VATICAN

    The last 10 years of the Church in China: from the Letter of Benedict XVI to the silence on the arrest of Msgr. Shao Zhumin

    by Joseph

    The silence on the persecution of Chinese Catholics and their bishops in Wenzhou and Shanghai. The organisms that Benedict XVI did not accept (Patriotic Association and Chinese Bishops' Conference) because "incompatible with Catholic doctrine" now govern the Church. Dialogue between China and the Vatican must address the issue of underground bishops out in the open and not under the shroud of secrecy. An analysis from a northeast Chinese Catholic, as the Vatican celebrates a new round of China-Holy See talks.

    26/06/2017 - VATICAN – CHINA

    Holy See has expressed “grave concern” over the fate of Mgr Shao Zhumin, held by police for more than a month

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    The bishop of Wenzhou (Zhejiang), who belongs to the underground community, is said to be undergoing brainwashing to join the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. Since China and the Holy See resumed talks three years ago, this is the first time that the Holy See Press Office speaks about a detained bishop. The faithful have felt too much pain over the Vatican’s extended silence. Germany’s ambassador in Beijing, Michael Clauss, has talked about the case. The Vatican’s press office calls on the faithful to pray for Bishop Shao Zhumin and “the path of the Catholic Church in China.”

    26/06/2017 - CHINA

    Dissident Liu Xiaobo leaves prison suffering from terminal liver cancer

    He has been allowed treatment outside the prison, but he will not seek medical treatment abroad. In 2009, he was sentenced to 11 years for "inciting subversion of state power" after he co-authored Charter 08. Whilst in prison, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.

    26/06/2017 - SOUTH KOREA - USA

    Protests in Seoul against Thaad. US senators pressure Moon

    Thousands of South Korean people march in the capital to ask for the cancellation of the project days ahead of first official visit to the United States of the newly elected president. A group of Republican and Democrat senators ask Moon to keep the alliance's commitments. In a letter to Trump they deny the interference of the American anti-missile system on Chinese territory. They condemn China's threats of retaliation on South Korea.

    26/06/2017 - YEMEN - UN

    UN says Yemen caught in worst cholera epidemic in the world

    A joint note by Unicef ​​and WHO experts. Suspected cases exceeded 200,000, victims over 1300; Of these, a quarter were children. There are 5,000 new cases per day. Almost 19 million people out of 28 million need assistance. Seven million are at the brink of famine. The health system has collapsed, endangering the supply of drinking water.

    26/06/2017 - IRAN

    Tehran: Women Equal Opportunities in the Oil Sector. GDP continues to flourish

    With a decree, the ministry eliminates barriers and discrimination, favoring climb to top positions. There are 17,000 women employed in the industry, 7% with roles of responsibility. The ability to work on platforms is blocked. For the Central Bank the GDP grew by 12.5%; chiefly form proceeds from the sale of oil.

    26/06/2017 - PAKISTAN

    Bahawalpur, 153 die in gas tank blaze: Massacre of the desperate

    The vehicle turned over and started to lose fuel. The victims were scrambling to fill pots, buckets and basins with fuel after an announcement from the mosque. The injured have burns on 80% of their body.

    25/06/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: Christians persecuted 'even in our day'. Prayers for landslide in China

    At the Angelus, Pope Francis asks for prayers for "brothers and sisters" who "continue to testify to their faith with courage and fidelity." "The Lord ... sends us as sentinels among people who do not want to be awakened from worldly torpor." "Success does not count, but loyalty to Christ." God "does not abandon his sons at the time of the storm". The beatification in Vilnius of the Martyr of Atheism, Msgr. Teofilo Matulionis, "killed in hatred of faith in 1962, when he was almost 90 years old." Greeting to the Greco-Catholic Ukrainians and the Belarusians on the 150th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Josaphat.


    24/06/2017 - INDONESIA

    For Eid, Catholics change their Mass timetable to leave carparks free for Muslim "brothers"

    by Mathias Hariyadi

    In Jakarta, car parks for the cathedral and mosque are used by both communities. Early morning moves to "leave room" for the celebrations of the Islamic feast. Message from the Archbishop of Jakarta.

    24/06/2017 - TURKEY

    Erdogan's game: Koran read in Hagia Sofia for first time since Ataturk

    by NAT da Polis

    The reading transmitted by state TV. Groups tied to Bulent Arinc, former vice president, and the brotherhood of the Naxbantiya, to which Erdogan belongs, want to reopen the basilica as a mosque.

    24/06/2017 - SAUDI ARABIA

    Mecca: Saudi police foil terrorist attack on the Great Mosque

    The attacker detonated a device, collapsing the building where he was in hiding. No victim, but 11 people were injured. On the same day two other terrorist cells were stopped. Millions of Muslims at Mecca for the end of Ramadan. Some observers have doubts.

    24/06/2017 - BANGLADESH

    Dhaka, price of rice doubles: millions of poor struggle to survive

    by Sumon Corraya

    The cost of cereals has increased due to the collapse of production. Crops destroyed by floods. In the last year the price increase was 42%. Dhaka imports 250,000 tons of rice from Vietnam, but has lost 600,000.

    Editor's choices

    Holy See has expressed “grave concern” over the fate of Mgr Shao Zhumin, held by police for more than a month

    Bernardo Cervellera

    The bishop of Wenzhou (Zhejiang), who belongs to the underground community, is said to be undergoing brainwashing to join the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. Since China and the Holy See resumed talks three years ago, this is the first time that the Holy See Press Office speaks about a detained bishop. The faithful have felt too much pain over the Vatican’s extended silence. Germany’s ambassador in Beijing, Michael Clauss, has talked about the case. The Vatican’s press office calls on the faithful to pray for Bishop Shao Zhumin and “the path of the Catholic Church in China.”

    Pope: The Churches of the East are alive, despite persecution and terrorism

    Receiving the participants at the "Reunion of Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches" Assembly, Francis recommends the formation of the clergy. "Let us not forget that in the East even today, Christians - no matter whether Catholics, Orthodox, or Protestants - spill their blood as a seal of their witness."


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