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At the end of the general audience, Pope Francis launched an appeal for peace on the Korean peninsula, assuring his prayer for the Summit. Catechesis on baptism focused on "the strength to overcome evil". The value of the anointing with the oil of the catechumens, similar to the oil used by the ancient wrestlers. "It is difficult to fight against evil, to escape from its deceptions, to regain strength after a tiring struggle, but we must know that all of Christian life is a fight. But we must also know that we are not alone ".


They are Juan Carlos Cruz, James Hamilton and Jose Andrés Murillo. They will be guests at Santa Marta residence and will meet individually with the pontiff, who will listen to "all their suggestions in order to avoid repeating such reprehensible facts". The declaration of the Holy See Press Office director underlines "pain" and "shame", as in the letter of Francis to the Chilean bishops.

| 25/04/2018

For Catholicos of Cilicia Aram I, the harm caused by the tragedy must be repaired on the basis laws and conventions. This can start with the return of thousands of "churches, monasteries, schools and centres, cultural and spiritual objects. Turkey instead continues its threats. Armenians in Lebanon remember whilst those in Turkey live in silence and fear. Many Islamised Armenians are returning to their old faith. The genocide was the product of a racist plan by the Young Turks.

| 24/04/2018

Mashal Khan was killed on 13 April 2017 on suspicion of insulting the prophet Muhammad. His is a test case. For one activist, “Swift justice is for politicians and bureaucrats; Khan belonged to a poor family.”

| 24/04/2018

Islanders were forced out in 1992 and left behind properties, later taken over by the Navy. A thanksgiving Mass was performed in the Church of the Holy Rosary in Mulankaveli, followed by a procession to the lagoon.

| 24/04/2018

The president of the Episcopal Committee for the Clergy, Consecrated life and Vocations believes that the quality of training has improved greatly thanks to their help. For decades, Vietnamese authorities had severely restricted the recruitment of seminarians. Vietnam has seven seminaries: Hà Nội, Vinh, Huế, Nha Trang, Sàigòn, Xuân Lộc and Cần Thơ. A declining birthrate and rising secularism have led to fewer vocations.

| 24/04/2018

The number of animals has increased from 80 to 92 in the past two years after being in constant decline, from 200 in 1997 to 80 in 2015. The turnaround is due to river patrol teams and the removal of illegal gillnets. However, the recovery is threatened by poaching and major infrastructure projects.

| 24/04/2018
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The church of the village of Hutuo has been reduced to a pile of ruins; the tomb of the bishop of Luoyang, not recognized by the government, was desecrated; children are forbidden to enter churches; threats against Catholic parents and seniors: if they continue to believe they will not receive government subsidies or pensions.

| 20/04/2018

The South Korean Church is praying for the success of the event, looking forward to "concrete" solutions to the peninsula’s problems. Hope was reborn with the Olympics. People are waiting for a message from Pope Francis.

| 17/04/2018

A harsh exchange between Russia and the United States at the UN. Trump speaks of possible intervention, with the support of London and Paris. Moscow denounces the "campaign of aggression" against a sovereign state. Msgr. Georges Abou Khazen: "there are no certainties" on the Douma attack. The prayers of Christians for peace in the country.

| 10/04/2018

About 158 refugee families live in the parish of Amadiya and surrounding villages. They need food, clothes, shoes, school support, kerosene. Many Christian, Yazid and Arab families returned to Mosul only to turn back. The ‘Adopt a Christian from Mosul’ campaign is ongoing.

| 27/03/2018
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