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During the Angelus, Pope Francis called on the international community to revive talks between the parties in Yemen, where a humanitarian catastrophe is underway due to war. He also focused attention on World Refugee Day, which falls on 20 June. He explained the parables of the "mysterious growth of the seed" and the "mustard seed". He called for prayers for the people of Venezuela on the occasion of the beatification of Maria Carmen Rendiles Martinez in Caracas.


A new service was launched on 11 June providing drivers dressed as Japan’s mythical shadow warriors or as bodyguards with concealed . . . water guns.

| 16/06/2018

The new Chuanbei prison opened in 2012. Inmates can learn a trade, live in a better environment and received psychological assistance: a first in China. For one prisoner, “our lives at the new facility are so different, it’s like the distance between the sky and the earth”. However, some think it might just be façade.

| 16/06/2018

The Christian community opens its doors to its Muslim brothers and sisters, offering an iftar meal. In Ramallah, parish priests welcome the marginalised. For Fr Shomali, “There is an Arab saying, 'when there is bread and salt between us, we have the same blood'.”

| 15/06/2018
by Sumon Corraya

Three people died in the past week. Refugees fled neighbouring Myanmar to escape persecution. More than 3,000 houses destroyed. Wells and lavatories have become unusable. Diseases and infections are spreading in the camps. The Red Crescent Society recalls Muslim employees from the Eid-ul-Fitar break.

| 15/06/2018
by Melani Manel Perera

Sandhaya Priyangani Eknaligoda was verbally attacked on 25 January 2016 in the Homagama courthouse. Her husband is a famous political cartoonist who disappeared in 2010. The court jails the culprit and imposes fines to compensate the plaintiff.

| 15/06/2018

Since 9 June thousands of drivers have been on strike for better conditions. They complain of high fuel prices and unfairness by the Manbang Group. For experts, without an improvement the strike could continue.

| 15/06/2018
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With today's signature, the two leaders commit to a lasting and stable peace on the Korean Peninsula. The deal calls for the recovering the remains of prisoners of war. Kim makes an "Unwavering commitment" to denuclearise the peninsula. Trump offers security guarantees to North Korea. China approves; France has doubts. South Koreans “hope” for peace. North Korean refugees are concerned.

| 12/06/2018
by Lawrence Jangma Gam

The civil war in the northern state has entered its seventh year. The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has exceeded 150,000. Some tell of their flight from their homes and of their life in the reception facilities.

| 12/06/2018
by Liao Yiwu

Writer Liao Yiwu spoke with Liu Xia, wife of the late dissident Liu Xiaobo, who was left to die in prison from cancer. Under house arrest, Liu Xia was promised by the government that she could leave China for treatment. But nothing has happened so far. Despite her request, Angela Merkel could not meet her. Liao pleads with politicians and ordinary people.

| 01/06/2018
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