The child was lured into a school bathroom by a 20-year-old man, who tried to claim a younger age. Both victim and attacker are Muslim, but from different sects. For Bishop Ivan Pereira, the Church works “a lot on education, putting ourselves on the side of the people.”

| 14/05/2019

The two Rohingya are aged 20 and 25. The younger one has a UN refugee card and is linked to Islamist rebels in Myanmar. The cell received orders from Syria. The terrorists wanted to avenge the death of an ethnic Malay Muslim firefighter. They were ready to go into action during the first week of Ramadan.

| 14/05/2019

In 2018, 5,783 graduates left, more than three times than in 2013. Almost a third moved to Japan, which is experiencing labour shortages. South Korea has the most highly educated youth in the OECD with three-quarters of high school students going to college. Although exporting graduates, South Korea is also forced to import blue-collar workers.

| 14/05/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The Patriarch Emeritus concerned by lack of attention to him and fears the new president Volodymyr Zelensky. The Metropolitan of Kiev meets the Major Archbishop Svjatoslav Shevchuk and dreams of union.

| 14/05/2019

Born in Milan in 1827, he took part in the Five Days of Milan. Missionary in Oceania, he founded the Sisters of Reparation upon his return to Italy.

| 14/05/2019

Journalist and writer Fady Noun has published a prayer book dedicated a leading figure of the Maronite Church. The 128-page tome will be available on 6 June. His life was "so out of the ordinary that we are obliged to believe that only God's grace made it possible". Over time, "many miracles" were obtained "through his intercession".

| 14/05/2019
by Sumon Corraya

The government carried out inspection of dozens of agencies across the country. Thirty-seven Bangladeshis died off the Tunisian coast. For the country’s Foreign Minister, migrants were trafficked from a Middle Eastern country.

| 14/05/2019

The four councilors were also elected: Fr. Fabio Motta, from the mission in Guinea Bissau; Fr. Xavier Lourdh, from the mission in Japan; Brother Massimo Cattaneo, from the Bangladesh mission; Fr. Raffaele Manenti, a former missionary in India and Thailand, up until now the spiritual director in the PIME theological seminary.

| 14/05/2019

The victim was named Mohamed Ameer Mohamed Sally and owned a carpentry shop. Violence and aggression against mosques and Muslim businesses throughout the northwestern province. The police were ordered to "use maximum force to contain the violence".

| 14/05/2019

Two oil tankers flying Saudi flags, one from Norway and one from the United Arab Emirates hit. Abu Dhabi speaks of a "serious" episode. Tehran hopes for a thorough investigation to shed some light. News sources deny the version of the incident. The US secretary of state in Brussels in search of allies for the war against the Islamic Republic.

| 14/05/2019
by Wang Zhicheng

As of June 1, China will raise tariffs on 60 billion US products, from 5 to 25%. Western stock exchanges are affected. Accepting US demands implies a quasi-revolution in the Chinese economic system. However, both parties have left the door open for new meetings and more dialogue.

| 14/05/2019
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