by Fady Noun

The annual synod is extended to choose the successor of Mgr Boulos Matar, who has led the Archeparchy for the past 23 years. Various ecclesial, social and national issues are at the centre of the meeting. The Maronite patriarch calls on the government and political leaders to create a "healthy and responsible" climate, boosting the economy, without forgetting society and education.

| 11/06/2019

Under new ministerial regulations, employing minors becomes a crime. On 9 March, a nine-year-old girl lost her arm in a Preah Prasap kiln. For PIME Missionary, "it is necessary to counter the idea that those who do not produce are useless to society."

| 11/06/2019
by Peter Zhao

The underground bishop, who died on 8 June, was not given a solemn funeral or acknowledged in accordance with his status as a bishop. Official priests and nuns were not allowed to attend the services. Chinese authorities are afraid of bishops even when they are dead.

| 11/06/2019

The first Chinese companies arrived in Bangladesh in 1997, and now number around 400. China has contributed to the booming garment industry whose aim is to reach US$ 50 billion by 2021. Bangladesh, which has the lowest wages in the region, has sought a plurality of foreign partners to avoid the China "debt trap".

| 11/06/2019
by Paul Nguyen Hung

On January 1, 2020, Vietnam will take on the rotating presidency of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The US Department of Defense defines the role of allies and partners in Washington's plan for a "free and open" region.


| 11/06/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

Observers think the two will also discuss Syria, the Middle East, including Jerusalem, and perhaps even Venezuela. The Vatican is the only door truly open to Putin in the West. the Russian leader seeks a "Holy Alliance" between the Catholic Church and Russia against the "moral decay" of contemporary society. But no visit to Moscow is in the cards for the pontiff. The Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is a source of concerns.

| 11/06/2019

"The Christian life is to serve". It is to give freely what is freely received from God. "There is no relationship with God outside gratuitousness". "It pains the heart" when you find pastors who make money from the grace of God.

| 11/06/2019

Speaking at the 92nd plenary assembly of ROACO, the pontiff announced an apostolic journey to Iraq for next year. For the Chaldean Patriarch, this has generated an atmosphere of "great celebration". Preparation is already underway. The visit will boost dialogue in the wake of past meetings. The element of God as "common father" will affect "even Muslims".

| 11/06/2019

Yukiya Amano abandons cautious language to express great concern about the growing tensions between the US and Iran. He calls for "ways to reduce" the escalation "through dialogue" and asks Tehran to respect "the planned commitments". Zardari: First stop the "economic war" launched by America.

| 11/06/2019
by Nirmala Carvalho

The meeting was organized by young people and lay people of the Charismatic Movement. Msgr. Machado gave a lecture on the history of the Church: "I cautioned people about separating the Holy Spirit from Jesus".

| 11/06/2019
by Paul Wang

The appeal, signed only as "Diocese of Hong Kong", comes two days after the great demonstration of over one million people. It asks the government to address "the questions and fears" of lawyers and public and to resolve disputes peacefully. But the head of the executive, Carrie Lam, reiterated today the will of the government to pursue the approval of the law. Mass strike of workers, schools and universities scheduled for June 12, the day of discussion in parliament.

| 11/06/2019
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by Kamel Abderrahmani
Baghdad wants to hang eleven French and one Tunisian nationals. Their fate has sparked a debate. Paris has confirmed that it has taken steps to prevent the sentence from being implemented. French lawyers have signed an appeal against their execution. ...
| 17/06/2019
The Myitstone dam would be the first to block the Irrawaddy River, the cradle of Myanmar civilization.  Beijing presses for the reopening of construction works.  The Kachin community is fighting to cancel the project. Card  Charles Maung ...
| 08/06/2019
by Paul Wang
Beijing wants the law to be approved "urgently" to allow the transfer of fugitives from Hong Kong to China. However, Chinese courts are not independent, and provide no guarantees for the human rights of the accused or for his right to a fair trial. Card ...
| 07/06/2019
For the end of Ramadan, the government is opening the area to the public. This is a "political" message for a "new era". For the Auxiliary of Baghdad, security has "improved" but must be guaranteed to everyone.
| 06/06/2019
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