by Lidwin Fernandes*

Sr Lidwin Fernandes is the executive secretary of the Women’s Commission of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India. She has a long experience in youth outreach. Not worried about taking on great responsibilities, she is interested in making sure that everyone feels precious “in the eyes of God”.

| 16/10/2019

The UN estimates that some 40,000 people died under Mahinda Rajapaksa, the candidate's brother. Gotabhaya is the frontrunner in the 16 November election.


| 16/10/2019

"Today we ask for the grace to be amazed by the surprises of God, not to hinder His creativity, but to recognize and favor the ever new ways through which the Risen One pours His Spirit into the world and attracts hearts making Himself known as the" Lord of all "(Acts 10:36)".

| 16/10/2019

Bishop Yaldo confirms the "strong fear" of "a return of the Islamic State". The intervention of the international community "fundamental" to exercise "pressure on Turkey". Erdogan rejects the US request for a ceasefire. From the Chaldean patriarch the appeal for a week of prayer for peace in Iraq and Syria.

| 16/10/2019
by Mathias Hariyadi

The president will take the oath of office for his second mandate on Sunday. Since the failed assassination attempt against Minister Wiranto, security forces have arrested 26 suspected terrorists. Churches were among Jihadi targets.

| 16/10/2019

For the experts, the decline is even more significant than the initial 6% estimates. Confirmed data released last week by the World Bank which speaks of a trade volume down by 90%. The Islamic Republic is going through "serious macroeconomic hardship". Inflation at 35.7%.

| 16/10/2019

In his message for today's World Food Day, Francis states that having 820 million hungry people live side by side 700 million overweight people shows the need to return to simplicity and sobriety.


| 16/10/2019
by Emanuele Scimia

The Ankara government says it is conducting an anti-terror campaign against Kurds in Syria, but the opposition CHP believes Erdogan is trying to polish his image amid domestic woes. Erdogan prepares new elections. Western sanctions could severely damage Turkey’s fragile economy.

| 16/10/2019
by Paul Wang

The chief executive had to give her speech to the Legco (parliament), but it was interrupted several times. More than 70% of Hong Kong's population wants her resignation.


| 16/10/2019

The North Korean leader usually visits Mount Paekdu ahead of major political and diplomatic decisions and events. For the state media, Pyongyang is ready for "a major operation, to amaze the world again".


| 16/10/2019

Abp. Sebastian Shaw made all the country's bells ring for peace. Both India and Pakistan possess the atomic bomb. For years they have threatened to drop it on the neighbor to definitively resolve the dispute over Kashmir.


| 16/10/2019
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| 25/06/2019
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Sister Disciples of Divine Master of Bandra performing a Folk Dance
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