Receiving a group of young French business people, Francis pointed out the need for a "conversion" and "concrete changes of habits and style" that will “concretely effect change and, little by little, educate the world of work to a new style ”.

| 02/12/2019

For Mgr Warduni, young protesters need to feel "our solidarity and closeness". The pontiff "has at heart" the future of the nation, not only of Christians. Problems must be tacked and resolved "from the ground up". Yesterday, Parliament accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Mahdi. Protests continue however across the country with more casualties.


| 02/12/2019

Myanmar will go to the International Court of Justice to rebut accusations of genocide against the Rohingya. The archbishop of Yangon calls on the government to "put away guns and violence" and on the international community “not punish the people of Myanmar as a whole”.

| 02/12/2019
by Melani Manel Perera

The government has banned Maaveerar Naal ceremonies, when Tamil remember those who died or went missing in battle. For the authorities, such remembrance is an apology for Tamil independence ideology. For Tamils, the dead were their children.

| 02/12/2019
by Shafique Khokhar

The Archbishop of Karachi urges Catholics to pay attention to the needs of the poor, care for the basic rights of others and work for the prosperity of Pakistan. He calls for vigilance as we “prepare to welcome the mystery of the birth of Jesus.”

| 02/12/2019
by Mathias Hariyadi

The important anniversary is celebrated with a cultural festival, a Mass and a new radio station. Card Ignatius Suharyo Hardjoatmodjo, archbishop of Jakarta and president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Indonesia attended the solemn Eucharistic celebration. The local bishop exalts “the great enthusiasm shown by the Asmat people”.

| 02/12/2019

The bishop of Linyi (Shandong) is a member of the CPCPC Standing Committee (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference), president of the Patriotic Association; Vice-President of the Council of Chinese Bishops. The sorrow of many Catholics. For the Holy See, love for the homeland and love for the Church are on the same level. But Chinese faithful also ask for religious freedom and to be able to "work for justice".

| 02/12/2019

A crowd of faithful greeted the arrival of the precious relic for the beginning of the Christmas celebrations. It will be exhibited in St. Catherine’s Church, adjacent to the Basilica of the Nativity. Monsignor Pizzaballa: a sign of the Pope's "profound attention". Custodian of the Holy Land: "Beautiful gift".

| 02/12/2019

The foam reportedly caused by illegal discharges from hospitals and factories. The toxicity levels of the Adyar River, which flows into Marina Beach, are being investigated. Signaling buoys to monitor and prevent pollution of marine waters.

| 02/12/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

In a liturgy presided by Nikolaj (Sevastianov), bishop of Plovdiv, the name of Epifanyj of Kiev was mentioned. Moscow accuses the Bulgarian church of "international conspiracy" against Russia and its Church.

| 02/12/2019

Until now, an identity card was sufficient for a contract with a telephone operator. According to some, the measure will serve to block telephone scams. For others, this is a new step towards total population control. The contradictions of the "People's Daily".

| 02/12/2019
Denise Ho Thanksgiving (credits to Guardians of Hong Kong)
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