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National security law “threatens to undermine freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and academic freedom. Freedom of religion and belief is also under threat. According to many reports, freedom of religion and belief ...
| 06/07/2020
The Financial Intelligence Authority (AIF), the agency of the Holy See and Vatican City State charged with fighting money laundering and terrorist financing, received 64 suspicious activity reports, took action in four cases, and froze one IOR accoun...
| 03/07/2020
by Paul Wang
The bishop emeritus of Hong Kong has no confidence in China and fears government interference in Church affairs will occur in Hong Kong. Card Tong holds a different position. For Hong Kong priest, Beijing will only allow freedom of worship, but religious ...
| 03/07/2020
The State Council has completed the documentation process. The sentence, scheduled for this morning, postponed by two weeks. Rumors of "pressure" on the Ankara government. But Erdogan wants to hold the official ceremony on July 15th, on ...
| 02/07/2020
The country has been ruled by the military for decades. A victory for Aung San Suu Kyi and her League for Democracy is expected, but not the triumph of 2015. The Lady has lost the approval of ethnic minorities and is criticized by the international community ...
| 02/07/2020
For Yehuda Garami, Zionism and Judaism are confused, but there is a big difference between the two. The conflict is political and “has nothing to do with religion”. For Jews, there is religious freedom and security in Iran; “we do not ...
| 23/06/2020
by Wang Zhicheng
He had only been released in January. Over past 13 years Msgr. Cui Tai has spent long intervals in detention and is released only for short periods on Chinese holidays. His detention is contrary to the laws of the country. The bishop is "a sacrificial ...
| 23/06/2020
by Peter Tran
The diocese, which stretches along the border with China, has "the smallest number of faithful" in Vietnam’s Catholic Church, but has "huge" potential. Preaching the Gospel is not limited to the diocese, but can be done in association with the ...
| 22/06/2020
BANGLADESH: Muslims bury Christians died from Covid-19
Pakistan: Christian philanthropist beaten by police 2
Pakistan: Christian philanthropist beaten by police 1
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