The monarch, who passed away at the age of 79, modernised his country and mediated in reginal conflicts. Christians praise the “unique leader”. His successor Haitham ben Tarek pledges to follow in his footsteps and promote peaceful solutions to regional crises.

| 13/01/2020

The meeting in Abu Dhabi between the Indonesian president and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan was decisive. About US$ 12.6 billion in Gulf money will go to the energy sector. Indonesia’s new capital could be included.

| 13/01/2020
by Sumon Corraya

The Ama Achik Rosong Museum seeks to preserve the Garo culture and the memory of the missionaries who brought them the Christian faith. The diocese has about 90,000 members and 16 parishes. Young people know little about the original culture and roots. Admission is free and the museum is open to all.

| 13/01/2020

Xinjiang officials have often used similar regulations to justify the repression of the Uyghurs.  Government, companies, community organizations, villages, schools, military groups and religious centers in Tibet are called to support the Party's project.


| 13/01/2020

Over 8 million votes;  about 2.5 million more than her main rival.  Her party maintains a majority in parliament.  The outcome of the elections gives the president a mandate to continue her current policy towards China.  "I hope Beijing understands that Taiwan will not give in to threats and intimidation."


| 13/01/2020
by Nirmala Carvalho

The priest donated the award money to a disabled man to build his home. The religious works with lepers, AIDS patients, disabled people, prisoners, drugs addicts, alcoholics, and people with vision problems. He set up an association to help Nepal earthquake victims. His Project Vision campaign has garnered thousands of endorsements worldwide.

| 13/01/2020
by Peter Tran

Catholics are a small minority and represent only 1.38 of the province’s population. For decades, priests were in short supply. However, “the faithful are very religious, they engage in works of charity and show mutual affection,” noted the bishop. As the Year of the Rat approaches, Bishop Hoàng calls for greater attention for young people.

| 13/01/2020
by Kamran Chaudhry

The Diocese of Islamabad is behind the initiative. Very few Christians work in the federal administration, despite a 5 per cent government quota for minorities. The first class consisted of 26 students, 22 women and four men.


| 13/01/2020

For the second consecutive day yesterday, demonstrators poured into the streets and squares of Tehran and other cities. Moderate newspaper calls for "apologies and resignations" of those responsible. Unconfirmed videos show gun shots in the vicinity of the protesters. For young people, the enemy is not America, but "it's here".



| 13/01/2020

The Social Welfare Council is examining a new political strategy in foreign policy on balancing relations with neighboring powers. On the border with India there are several Islamic madrassas funded by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. China fears the movements of the Tibetans.



| 13/01/2020

Over 23 thousand people have already left their homes, but their number is likely to reach 200 thousand. 73 evacuation centers set up by the authorities. Manila airport closed. Taal is one of the most deadly volcanoes in the world. In 1754, it erupted for seven months.



| 13/01/2020
Editor's choices
by Bernardo Cervellera
At least five parishes have been closed, with electricity and water supplies cut off. These include Fuan, Saiqi and Suanfeng. "Fire safety" measures given as a justification, an excuse for persecution. Some priests have been kicked out. A home for the ...
| 16/01/2020
by Melani Manel Perera
The Archbishop of Colombo calls for greater protection of Masses on Christmas eve and day. He urges the faithful to avoid lavish celebrations out of respect from those who lost family and friends. Rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas is about ...
| 20/12/2019
A priest of the unofficial community tells of the Christmas celebration in a house, secretly, without decorations and without pomp.  The official community suffers  government controls.  Part II of a series of testimonies. &nbs...
| 20/12/2019
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