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by Wang Zhicheng
At a routine press conference, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman praises the agreement's past, but says nothing about its renewal. Clipped tones on Taiwan. China's main aim is to get the Vatican to cut off relations with Taiwan...
| 23/09/2020
by Stefano Caprio
After the end of communism, he was among the first to spread the texts of the great Russian philosophers and theologians. In Soviet times he adhered to the so-called "inner dissent". He was a member of the Biblical-Theological Commission of the Moscow ...
| 23/09/2020
by Nirmala Carvalho
NGOs will need an Aadhaar card to conduct financial transactions with abroad. To justify the bill, its proponents cite "forced conversions" by missionary Graham Staines, who was murdered with his two sons by Hindu radicals in 1999. Data by the Supreme ...
| 22/09/2020
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith publishes a document affirming the Church is also opposed to persistent therapeutic treatment, welcoming palliative care, and recommending support for the families of those who are suffering.
| 22/09/2020
by Vladimir Rozanskij
Secretary of State Card. Parolin confirms the Pope is considering a visit. The Belarusian foreign minister, Vladimir Makeev, also invited the pontiff a few days ago. The ordination of the new nuncio Ante Jozic and his dispatch to Minsk, read as a Vatican ...
| 17/09/2020
by Li Ruohan*
The situation of the Church in China has become increasingly worse since the signing of the agreement. The concordat with Nazi Germany in 1933 gave the Church freedom for a few months. Then crucifixes were removed from the schools; Catholic associations ...
| 16/09/2020
Since the beginning of 2020, at least 25 villages in northern Iraq have emptied. The bombings, followed by heavy fires, destroyed plants, houses and cemeteries. A scenario similar to those of the 1980s. Fr. Samir: Many people killed, just because they ...
| 15/09/2020
by Francis Hu
For Fr. Francis Hu, a priest from central China, the "experts" celebrating the agreement have no idea of the real situation in China and the Church. Since the agreement was signed, the sale of Christian material on the internet has been blocked; churches ...
| 15/09/2020
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