In the Mass he celebrated in Molfetta, Francis remembered the bishop who said: “‘Works of charity are not enough, if the charity of works is lacking. If the love from which the works leave is lacking, if the source is lacking, if the starting point that is the Eucharist is lacking, any pastoral commitment is only a stirring of things’.”

| 20/04/2018

Christian communities will be able to complete the necessary red tape in four months. Egypt wants to improve the legal framework in which freedom of worship is exercised. The new step touches 102 churches and 64 places of prayer. Some 3,500 places of worship should follow.

| 20/04/2018

Last Wednesday, 28 Catholic bishops held a prayer vigil in front of Delhi’s cathedral. In 2016, a sexual offence against a minor was committed every 15 minutes, and more than 100 women were raped every day. Caritas is providing sanitary napkins to counter school dropout.

| 20/04/2018
by Maddalena Tomassini

Jarah Alhawamdeh lost his right leg to cancer at the age of 15, but this did not stop him from becoming a mountain climber, first the Kilimanjaro and now Mount Everest. His goal is to save the school in the Amman refugee camp where he grew up. "I do believe that we, as Palestinians, should show the world that we are educated, successful and that we deserve to have a good life as any human being,” he said.

| 20/04/2018

Francis is in Alessano and Molfetta today 25 years after the death of the bishop who was also president of Pax Christi. "True wealth for him lay in understanding the poor. He was right, because the poor are really wealth of the Church. Remember it again, Don Tonino, faced with the recurrent temptation to follow the powerful, seek privileges, to settle for a comfortable life".

| 20/04/2018

Some 84,583 soldiers and 20,000 civilian "village guards" will be deployed. The leader of the main, now disbanded opposition party calls on supporters to boycott the election. The United States and the European Union have withdrawn their financial support for the elections. Prime Minister Hun Sen, in power for 32 years, fears a "colour” revolution.

| 20/04/2018

The number of insects exceed the earth’s human population. Their release into the environment would be a catastrophe. Adult cockroaches are used to make a potion used by millions of Chinese to treat respiratory and gastric problems.

| 20/04/2018
by Bernardo Cervellera

The church of the village of Hutuo has been reduced to a pile of ruins; the tomb of the bishop of Luoyang, not recognized by the government, was desecrated; children are forbidden to enter churches; threats against Catholic parents and seniors: if they continue to believe they will not receive government subsidies or pensions.

| 20/04/2018

A phone call between Moon and Kim Jong-un will anticipate the 27 April summit. Preparation for the "historic" meeting continues. Some key events will be broadcast live on television. Moon is confident: North Korea is willing to denuclearize "completely" and will not ask for the withdrawal of US troops from the South.

| 20/04/2018

25 thousand displaced people live on the slopes of the district; another 175,000 are in danger in the towns of Ukhiya and Teknaf. One third of the camps could be flooded by rains, which occur from June to October. There is a risk of the proliferation of epidemics such as cholera, if the aquifers are contaminated.

| 20/04/2018

The activist group protests the decision of some municipalities to expel refugees "because of their nationality or religion". The appeal to national leaders to oppose a "rhetoric" that "encourages or forgives" violations. Harsh criticism of international community for failing to support Lebanon in the emergency.

| 20/04/2018
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