For the Saudi Foreign Ministry, an unauthorised team is responsible for the journalist’s death. The latter was a serious mistake but the royal family is not involved. Tomorrow, Erdogan’s ultimatum expires. The Turkish president threatens to make public evidence about the murder. Saudi king Salman and Crown Prince Muhammed called the journalist’s family on the phone.

| 22/10/2018

Today is the feast day of Pope Wojtyła who began his Petrine Ministry on 22 October 1978.

| 22/10/2018
by Sumon Corraya

In 60 years of mission, he played a crucial role in the fight against poverty and in promoting education, healthcare and socio-economic development. In 1971, during the Bangladesh’s War of Liberation, the Xaverian priest provided medical assistance to freedom fighters. For the services rendered to the nation, he received various honours.

| 22/10/2018

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty commits only Washington and Moscow and leaves Beijing with the possibility of developing new weapons. US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s visit to Moscow offers little hope.

| 22/10/2018

Francis, receiving the Passionists, said that "the strength and simplicity of your message, which is the love of God revealed on the Cross can still speak to today's society that has learned not to trust words alone and to be convinced only by facts ".

| 22/10/2018

As part of a vast operation, police have detained a thousand people. Alleged Nigerian and Ugandan "romance scammers" are the main target. Human rights groups warn that refugees and asylum seekers are being arrested.

| 22/10/2018

A malfunctioning power system is the probable cause of the disaster. The train, very popular among tourists, runs along the island’s east coast. Tsai Ing-en pledges action. Mainland authorities extend their condolences.

| 22/10/2018

At the Youth Synod the Maronite Patriarch re-launches the commitment to safeguarding the presence in the region. Christians represent "the cultural base". Maintaining the identity of Eastern Christians in the West and in the diaspora countries. Avoid ghettoization and indifference to the theme of ecclesial belonging.

| 22/10/2018
by Caterina Zakharova

The great Ukrainian intellectual explains the reasons that push his people to demand independence from the patriarchate of Moscow. In Russia, state pressures and the exploitation of the Church are the order of the day. An independent Church would be a very important step towards the liberation of Ukraine from its Soviet past. But the problem is above all a spiritual one.

| 22/10/2018
by Wei Jingsheng

Chinese social networks are a buzz with rumors of a possible war between the two world giants. Many, blinded by nationalism, push China to counter the US in the South China Sea. And even Xi Jinping's think tanks are pushing for war, extolling a possible victory. For the great dissident in exile, the result of a confrontation would be the defeat of China and the end of the communist dictatorship in the country. But with much suffering for the Chinese people.

| 22/10/2018
by Paul Wang

Zheng Xiaosong, 59, jumped from the top story of his residence. For the government "he suffered from depression". In recent years, due to the anti-corruption campaign, many Chinese bureaucrats have committed suicide. Tomorrow he was due to take part in the inauguration of the new mega-bridge between Zhuhai, Macao and Hong Kong.

| 22/10/2018
Editor's choices
by Nirmala Carvalho
The Catholic Nurses Guild of India held its 21st convention in Mumbai. Cardinal urges them to care for the sick who are “an integral part of the Church’s life and mission". Equally, he calls on them to protect “the gift of human life ...
| 13/11/2019
On All Souls’ Day, Pope Francis visited the Catacombs of Priscilla for the first time. “The identity of the people who met here is the same as that of many of our brothers and sisters who meet today in secret”. For him, “The place ...
| 02/11/2019
Out of 12 small groups, five are in favour, four against, three others would leave the decision to the Pope or to a universal synod. There is agreement over environmental problems and the violence endured by indigenous people. The contribution of women ...
| 18/10/2019
by Bernardo Cervellera
A document released by the Fujian authorities requires parish priests and religious personnel to ban minors from church and education; to refuse relations with foreign Catholics; to curb any momentum of evangelization. Meanwhile, the "Global Times" celebrates ...
| 25/06/2019
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Suicide bombing at police HQ in Medan
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