Mgr Marcuzzo praised Egypt and Jordan for their mediation in achieving a fragile truce in the Gaza Strip. The two sides are far apart and violence has become a regular occurrence. The UN Security Council is paralysed. For Israeli expert, Hamas sought to capture Israeli soldiers as bargaining chip.

| 14/11/2018
by Mathias Hariyadi

Choirs from across Indonesia competed in Ambon (Maluku). Government officials, civil society groups and the Bishop’s Conference were part of the organising committee. "Let us build together national unity and take care of a pluralistic society,” said Bishop Suharyo.

| 14/11/2018

The boy was knocked out during a charity fight, dying two days later from a brain haemorrhage. Thai boxing is an integral part of the country’s history and society. Poor boys start fighting before they are ten to support their family. For missionary, “Becoming a champion means ‘money’.”

| 14/11/2018

Established by PIME missionaries 25 years ago, local Christian community includes members from different ethnic backgrounds who moved to Dhaka in search of work. What brought them together was “faith".

| 14/11/2018

Fr Paul was ordained at the age of 62. For years he worked for Malaysia Airlines. He first expressed a desire to become a priest in 1975, but his family was opposed. After a first refusal by his bishop, he entered the seminary in Rome in September 2015.

| 14/11/2018
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The president of the city-state, Halimah Yakob, President Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov participated in the laying of the first stone. "Humanitarian" and economic relations. Putin intends to propose a free trade zone between Singapore and the Eurasian Economic Union. The ASEAN meeting.

| 14/11/2018

The eighth commandment  "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” not just about lies, but "it means to live as children of God". Let us ask ourselves: what truth do the works, words, choices of Christians attest to?".

| 14/11/2018
by Joseph

A lay faithful denounces the betrayal of the agreement between China and the Holy See. Priests are obliged to be part of the Patriotic Association, a supporter of a Church that is "independent" of the Holy See. The four priests are known for their pastoral commitment and for the service of the poor and the needy.

| 14/11/2018
by Nirmala Carvalho

The news published by a local newspaper, claiming 30 Hindu families were converted with money and medicine. Even if there is no real evidence, the police have opened investigations. Sajan K George: "In view of the 2019 elections, every effort is aimed at polarizing voters".

| 14/11/2018

The 52nd session of the Assembly of Patriarchs and Catholic Bishops (Apecl) opens. The cardinal recalls the value of "civilization" of the Land of Cedars. It has "a role and a mission" for the region. Religious affiliations and loyalty to political leaders restrain the country's future.

| 14/11/2018

The end of the clashes mediated by Egypt. It is the first time a ceasefire has reached after only two days of war. For the young Palestinians this is a "victory over Israel". Demonstrations in southern Israel in Sderot and Nir Am, criticism of loss of prestige for the government and the army. Protests scheduled in Tel Aviv. The warning of the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia to the Gulf countries.

| 14/11/2018
Editor's choices
by Wang Zhicheng
The blackmail of the Jinzhou authorities: you can reopen the churches - after the pandemic - if you ban entry to minors. Mgr. Jia Zhiguo, 83, has been a bishop since 1980 and is responsible for a community of over 150,000 faithful, with a hundred priests ...
| 10/07/2020
by Marian Demir
Since yesterday, pro-Erdogan Turkish media are reporting that the Council of State has already "unanimously" decided to transform the Christian basilica into a mosque. But the legal reasons for the "right of the sword" are not "Islamic". Pro-Kurdish ...
| 10/07/2020
National security law “threatens to undermine freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and academic freedom. Freedom of religion and belief is also under threat. According to many reports, freedom of religion and belief ...
| 06/07/2020
The Financial Intelligence Authority (AIF), the agency of the Holy See and Vatican City State charged with fighting money laundering and terrorist financing, received 64 suspicious activity reports, took action in four cases, and froze one IOR accoun...
| 03/07/2020
by Paul Wang
The bishop emeritus of Hong Kong has no confidence in China and fears government interference in Church affairs will occur in Hong Kong. Card Tong holds a different position. For Hong Kong priest, Beijing will only allow freedom of worship, but religious ...
| 03/07/2020
The State Council has completed the documentation process. The sentence, scheduled for this morning, postponed by two weeks. Rumors of "pressure" on the Ankara government. But Erdogan wants to hold the official ceremony on July 15th, on ...
| 02/07/2020
The country has been ruled by the military for decades. A victory for Aung San Suu Kyi and her League for Democracy is expected, but not the triumph of 2015. The Lady has lost the approval of ethnic minorities and is criticized by the international community ...
| 02/07/2020
For Yehuda Garami, Zionism and Judaism are confused, but there is a big difference between the two. The conflict is political and “has nothing to do with religion”. For Jews, there is religious freedom and security in Iran; “we do not ...
| 23/06/2020
BANGLADESH: Muslims bury Christians died from Covid-19
Pakistan: Christian philanthropist beaten by police 2
Pakistan: Christian philanthropist beaten by police 1
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