Francis appeals "to those with institutional responsibilities" in his message to a conference held at the Gregorian university marking the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When fundamental rights are violated "we are all called into question", especially Christians, he says.

| 10/12/2018

Some positive steps have been taken in Tunisia, Lebanon and Qatar, but gender segregation remains in Saudi Arabia. For the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, “domestic laws must not punish criticism of religious leaders or prevent commentary on religious doctrine and tenets of faith.”

| 10/12/2018
by Adriano Pelosin

Boss, 13, grew up in a family wrecked by drugs. With his care and way of doing, he managed to put a smile on Few’s face, a boy pushed driven from home by his mother's second husband. In May 2018, Boss entered the seminary "to become a priest like 'Kun Po A' (Father Adriano)". Few now wants to be baptised too.

| 10/12/2018
by Sumon Corraya

This year’s surplus comes to seven million tonnes. Researchers developed 94 new varieties. To increase output, farmers received 120 tonnes of seeds.

| 10/12/2018

The US and the UK are concerned over ties between the two companies and China’s intelligence services. Beijing slams Canada for Sabrina Meng Wangzhou's arrest and criticises the "inhumane" conditions in which she is being held.

| 10/12/2018

The first ever beatification ceremony in an Islamic country, in the presence of government representatives, family members of the martyrs, the main imams of the country and representatives of the religious congregations to which the new blessed belonged. The Pope: "this celebration helps to heal the wounds of the past and to create a new dynamic of encounter and coexistence".

| 10/12/2018
by Hung Quoc

Thousands of students and hundreds of teachers are involved in the problem. For one university lecturer, the " educational system is foggy and has fallen into the abyss." Students and teachers are prisoners of the ideas of socialism imposed by the regime.

| 10/12/2018
by Liao Yiwu

The writer and dissident exiled in Germany was tortured to the limits of endurance and attempted suicide twice. When the bottom is touched, there is no fear of denouncing and "fighting for the freedom of others with all our heart". The control of the communist dictatorship through the internet; the use of anti-terrorist propaganda to brainwash millions of Uyghurs. "I refuse to use smartphones made in China".

| 10/12/2018

"It will do us good today, and also tomorrow, during the week, to take this chapter IX of John and read this beautiful story of the boy blind from birth. And finish from our heart with the act of faith: 'I believe, Lord. Help my little faith '".

| 10/12/2018

Absent the Emir of Qatar who has snubbed the invitation of the hosts Riyadh. Among the elements of tension is the murder of Saudi dissident journalist Khashoggi. The meeting dedicated to oil and security policies. In the final statement the importance of unity underlined.

| 10/12/2018
by Kamel Abderrahmani

The first beatification in the Muslim world. Some imams also took part in the celebration in Oran. The beatification "is a form of posthumous rehabilitation, to raise the image of Algeria, blurred by the wild Islamist hordes". A suggestion to the courageous Algerian authorities: build a church for these 19 blessed.

| 10/12/2018
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by Vladimir Rozanskij
Secretary of State Card. Parolin confirms the Pope is considering a visit. The Belarusian foreign minister, Vladimir Makeev, also invited the pontiff a few days ago. The ordination of the new nuncio Ante Jozic and his dispatch to Minsk, read as a Vatican ...
| 17/09/2020
by Li Ruohan*
The situation of the Church in China has become increasingly worse since the signing of the agreement. The concordat with Nazi Germany in 1933 gave the Church freedom for a few months. Then crucifixes were removed from the schools; Catholic associations ...
| 16/09/2020
Since the beginning of 2020, at least 25 villages in northern Iraq have emptied. The bombings, followed by heavy fires, destroyed plants, houses and cemeteries. A scenario similar to those of the 1980s. Fr. Samir: Many people killed, just because they ...
| 15/09/2020
by Francis Hu
For Fr. Francis Hu, a priest from central China, the "experts" celebrating the agreement have no idea of the real situation in China and the Church. Since the agreement was signed, the sale of Christian material on the internet has been blocked; churches ...
| 15/09/2020
The meeting to resolve issues in investment agreement between China and the European Union. EU: We want an agreement, but only if it's worth it. The Union presses on respect for human rights. Chinese President: We don't accept lessons from Eu...
| 15/09/2020
by P. Dominic Gomes
For the anniversary, a Mass was celebrated in the chapel of the Motherhouse of the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, next to the tomb of the Mother. The homily of Fr. Dominic Gomes, vicar general of the archdiocese. "Mother Teresa highlighted the deepest ...
| 26/08/2020
"The pandemic has highlighted and aggravated social problems". "When the obsession with owning and dominating excludes millions of people from primary goods; when economic and technological inequality is such as to tear the social fabric; and when dependence ...
| 26/08/2020
by Shafique Khokhar
The video of the incident, which went viral, sparked a lot of criticism. Despite threats, the man says it is his right to keep his faith and that he is ready to suffer all the consequences, that he will not abandon his religion. The Pakistani Telecommunications ...
| 25/08/2020
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