Barack Obama for a "new beginning" with Islam

Obama holds off on attack after Russia's proposal that Damascus hand over all chemical weapons
The Russian Foreign Minister calls on Syria to hand over all chemical weapons so that they may be destroyed. The Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs agrees. Proposal appeals to Ban Ki -moon. But Obama remains skeptical and continues his campaign in favor of a military intervention against Syria. U.S. public opinion increasingly opposed: in a week those against military action have gone from 48% to 63%. Obama is likely to lose in Congress.
Church in Zamboanga: Like Pope Francis, we pray for peace between the army and Islamists
Amid violent clashes between Philippine troops and rebels , Catholics have launched appeals for reconciliation . The partial toll is six dead - including civilians - and 24 wounded. The fundamentalists seize more than 200 civilians and demand independence . In the city churches stay open to welcome Christian and Muslim refugees .