Barack Obama for a "new beginning" with Islam

Fr. Samir: Obama on Islam pleases, but there are some lies and silences
An analysis of the US President’s speech by an expert on Islam and the Arab world. In general there is a lot of honesty and justified mea culpa. But there is also too much rhetoric on Islam’s contributions; historical falsehoods on the Cordoba Caliphate and the birth of Israel; ambiguity on Israeli settlements in the occupied territories; religious freedom is more than tolerance; forgetfulness on the everyday rights of women. The Pope said more in the Middle East.
Islamic scholar: well done Obama, but we await the facts
Professor Asghar Ali Engineer, an Indian Muslim, comments on the American President’s speech at the University of Cairo to AsiaNews . “It marks a happy change with the past”. Obama’s words are important for the situation in the Middle East, but will have no impact on issues between India and Pakistan.
Reactions in the Islamic world to Obama’s speech generally positive but cautions
Many highlight the “new” attitude towards Islam but also problems like the right of Palestinians to their own state. From many parts come demands that deeds follow his words.
PIME missionary finding what is beautiful in Islam
A Catholic priest living among Muslims in Bangladesh talks about his existential dialogue with Islam. Learning from one another without undermining one’s identity is possible.
Barack Obama for a “new beginning” with Islam
The speech by the US leader is met with rounds of applause. The president calls for an end to “suspicion and discord” do that a new chapter of cooperation can start. He takes on several hot issues like violent extremism, Israeli-Palestinian coexistence, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the nuclear escalation with Iran, women’s rights, democracy and religious freedom.
Obama is looking for Mideast friends, but must stop Israeli settlements
The US president’s trip to Saudi Arabia and Egypt is designed to renew ties with the Arab and Islamic worlds. Obama must however stop Israeli settlement activities which are a threat to US and regional security. This means that the Netanyahu government is on a collision court with Washington.
As Obama travels to the Middle East Israel gets ready for war with Iran
Israel conducts war games and emergency drills involving its population and schools. Its exercises include possible missile attacks from the north and the south. Israeli air force gets ready to block air strikes and missiles from Syria and Iran. Obama is growing impatient with Iran.