Faisalabad, the freed slaves of the brick factories

16/03/2021 PAKISTAN
'You freed our children': 45 brick kiln families pay off debt

Seven more families will be able to pay off their debt thanks to the generosity of AsiaNews readers. Some 50 families also received food parcels. Now free, Amir and Asima can continue their love story. Muslim businessmen praise the initiative. For one of them, “without your help they would not have made it”.

09/03/2021 PAKISTAN
Faisalabad, the 'miracle' of freedom for brick factory indebted

Asma Bibi, 26, and her husband Munawar Masih, 28, talk about the misery and slavery of living in a brick factory. Joy and gratitude for their debt paid thanks to the AsiaNews campaign. Now their three children will be able to go to school and will be able to have a house with a toilet.

03/03/2021 PAKISTAN
‘You have set us free from slavery,’ say unemployed workers indebted to kiln owners

Thanks to the generosity of some AsiaNews readers, 52 families were helped to pay off their debt to kiln owners who had forced them to work as slaves. Now their children can go to school and are no longer forced to pay for their parents' debt. Some of them told their stories.


14/12/2020 PAKISTAN
Malikpur, 45 families without food or clothes for winter: The lockdown in brick factories

AsiaNews launches a fundraising campaign for the unemployed brick factory workers for Christmas. Each gift pack contains: flour, spices, legumes, oil, sugar, tea, rice and soap. With 15 euros you can support a family for 15 days.

18/12/2020 PAKISTAN
'Modern slaves': AsiaNews campaign for brick factory jobless (VIDEO)

Entire families, parents and children, who work with a pay of 7 euros for every 1000 bricks produced. But poverty, rain, winter and the pandemic have closed down factories. To survive, they take out loans with their bosses, who then force a family to work for generations to repay the debt. Often entire family units are sold on to other masters, along with the debt. Being part of the Christian minority also means more discrimination.

23/12/2020 PAKISTAN
Faisalabad, AsiaNews readers' gifts to the brick factory jobless (PHOTO)

The first gift packages distributed for 26 families. Each package has enough food for 15 days. Before the distribution, the families prayed for AsiaNews and for all those who are supporting the aid campaign. Safia Bibi, 40, widow with four children: “I have no words to express my feelings of gratitude. Only people who live in misery like us can understand what it means to receive such a gift for our poor family”.

28/01/2021 PAKISTAN
Dilawar Masih and Sana Bibi, a life sentence of work in a brick factory (VIDEO)

 Husband and wife have been making bricks since they were little: their parents are in debt and are forced to work in the same factory.  Poverty, lockdown, expenses for medicines and food push them into even more debt.  "The only way to escape this slavery is to repay the loan we have received".  Help our AsiaNews campaign.


01/02/2021 PAKISTAN
Joy at AsiaNews' gift: food and clothes for brick factory workers (PHOTO-VIDEO)

Another distribution thanks to the generosity of AsiaNews readers, with a further 7 families added to the recipients of aid. Some readers are ready to cancel the debt that families have incurred with their bosses, for hunger or for medicine. Kaneez Bibi, 60, widow: “God looked at our pains and needs! And he sent you to help us! Please, continue to help us at least until the factories reopen!”.

08/02/2021 PAKISTAN
Illness sentenced Parvez Masih to a life of work at a brick factory (VIDEO)

With his wife Sajida Bibi and two of his children, Parvez Masih makes bricks to pay off a debt contracted 20 years ago. His children have stopped going to school. He has physical and mental disabilities. AsiaNews continues its campaign.