Islam and the West

25/09/2014 VIETNAM
Ba Giong Parish to have a pilgrimage centre dedicated to Vietnamese martyrs
Currently under construction, the facility is to meet the "material and spiritual needs" of faithful visiting the land where "thousands of Catholics" were killed bearing witness to Christ. The area is home to some 2,000 Catholics are active in the mission towards non-Christians.
Modi at the White House to talk investment, security and technology
The Indian Prime Minister is preparing to travel to the United States (26-30 September). In addition to meeting Barack Obama, he has close to 50 engagements lined up, including with top US CEOs and international players. In New York, he will address the UN General Assembly and meet the Indian diaspora. Two groups promise to protest his presence in the United States.
23/09/2014 CHINA
China, world leader in exporting tools of torture
The allegation is contained in a report published by Amnesty International. More than 130 Chinese companies produce and sell "intrinsically cruel" instruments in Asia and Africa. These would include spiked batons, electric batons and rigid restraint chairs.
22/09/2014 AFGHANISTAN
Pashtun Ashraf Ghani is the new president of Afghanistan
Rival Abdullah Abdullah to take newly formed post of chief executive. The two candidates have signed an agreement to form a government of national unity, with the mediation of the United States. Washington hopes to extend the presence of its troops beyond 2014.