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The wisdom of the heart lies precisely in knowing how to combine contemplation and action.  "If we want to enjoy life with joy, we must associate these two attitudes: on the one hand," standing at the feet "of Jesus, to listen to him while he reveals the secret of everything to us;  on the other, be considerate and hospitable"



Begun in 1907 and inaugurated in 1930, the Gothic style building was designed by Italian architects.  In the war between Iran and Iraq, it became a refugee camp for poor families.  3877 children baptized inside.  After the restoration, it will be a "sanctuary open for everyone".

| 20/07/2019

The priest was declared Servant of God in 2008. The same year the diocesan inquiry began. The historic commission visited 90 archives and libraries in India and Rome. The documentation now goes to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in the Vatican.


| 19/07/2019
by Nirmala Carvalho

The Union government unveiled a plan titled ‘Empowerment without appeasement and development with dignity". The authorities recognise six minority groups – Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists and Parsees; however, Dalit Christians are still excluded from the quota system established by a 1950 presidential order.

| 19/07/2019
by Melani Manel Perera

In recent weeks, the countries around the Bay of Bengal have been hit by severe monsoon rains. Landslides and bad weather have affected more than 567,000 people in nine Sri Lankan provinces. The country’s west coast is also on full alert, whilst fishermen have been warned not to venture into the sea.


| 19/07/2019

The Diocese of Hong Kong and the Christian Council issue a joint appeal to all parties involved, urging the withdrawal of the extradition bill, an end to provocations and violence, and the establishment of a commission of inquiry into the latter.

| 19/07/2019

Criminal groups exploit corruption, weak borders and poor controls to increase business.  Trafficking in drugs, medicines and counterfeit goods, people or animal species generate tens of billions in profits.  Casinos and banking institutions used to clean up money.  Myanmar epicenter of methamphetamine production.



| 19/07/2019
by Tran Hung

Exploitation rights for oil and natural gas in the maritime subsoil at heart of dispute.  Tension triggered by exploration operations.  Vietnam claims territorial sovereignty but wants to resolve the dispute "peacefully", Beijing does not hesitate to deploy warships.


| 19/07/2019

Two bombs were placed in front of the entrance to the police headquarters in Kandahar;  another explosion at the university in the capital.  The country is engaged in a difficult peace process after 18 years of civil conflict.



| 19/07/2019
by Shafique Khokhar

Legally granted by the provincial government, the land is worth a fortune. For this reason, the Muslims refuse to return them.

| 18/07/2019
by Paolo Bizzocchi*

The social reality was born in 2002 in the Rimini area.  Volunteering and hospitality are the dimensions of this structure, which welcomes young Chinese and volunteers of all kinds to teach languages, and offer after school activities of various kinds.  The joy of meeting with the Vatican Secretary of State, who says: "I hope to finish my days in this place".


| 18/07/2019

Sunday will mark the third month since terror attacks killed 258 people. At present, churches have reopened after believers “asked us to start offering Mass again,” he said. The archbishop talks about international aid, the government's failures and the international community’s inability to force oil-producing nations to respect human rights and stop sponsoring terrorism.  For the prelate, “the Catholic community has never had any problems with the Muslim community.

| 18/07/2019

The patriarch is concerned about the escalation between Washington and Tehran. A conflict would precipitate the situation across the Middle East. As Iraqi Christians and Muslims look forward to the apostolic journey, the latter remains uncertain, whilst confusion and suffering affect the country.


| 18/07/2019

Chinese officials in charge of Hong Kong affairs are working on an action plan to present to the country’s leaders. Hong Kong police will be key to handle protests. Beijing continues to support Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, but she has to clean up “the mess she created.”

| 18/07/2019

For the first time in a decade experts suggest a contraction of 1.5%.  For the following year, a slight trend reversal, with growth of just over 2%.  Analysts highlight the risk of "recession with double relapse".  Fears for the central bank's independence.


| 18/07/2019
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by Sergio Ticozzi
For the PIME missionary, the document released yesterday answers some of the perplexities of conscience of many Chinese priests. But it fails to realise the deep restrictions, which undermine the Catholic faith, to which the Church in China is subjected. ...
| 29/06/2019
by Bernardo Cervellera
A document released by the Fujian authorities requires parish priests and religious personnel to ban minors from church and education; to refuse relations with foreign Catholics; to curb any momentum of evangelization. Meanwhile, the "Global Times" celebrates ...
| 25/06/2019
The diplomatic and commercial war between Tehran and Washington is bringing the population to its knees. Inflation has multiplied the price of consumer goods. People point the finger at the inefficiency and incompetence of government officials. But US ...
| 25/06/2019
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