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The first ever beatification ceremony in an Islamic country, in the presence of government representatives, family members of the martyrs, the main imams of the country and representatives of the religious congregations to which the new blessed belonged. The Pope: "this celebration helps to heal the wounds of the past and to create a new dynamic of encounter and coexistence".

by Sumon Corraya

This year’s surplus comes to seven million tonnes. Researchers developed 94 new varieties. To increase output, farmers received 120 tonnes of seeds.

| 10/12/2018

The US and the UK are concerned over ties between the two companies and China’s intelligence services. Beijing slams Canada for Sabrina Meng Wangzhou's arrest and criticises the "inhumane" conditions in which she is being held.

| 10/12/2018
by Hung Quoc

Thousands of students and hundreds of teachers are involved in the problem. For one university lecturer, the " educational system is foggy and has fallen into the abyss." Students and teachers are prisoners of the ideas of socialism imposed by the regime.

| 10/12/2018
by Liao Yiwu

The writer and dissident exiled in Germany was tortured to the limits of endurance and attempted suicide twice. When the bottom is touched, there is no fear of denouncing and "fighting for the freedom of others with all our heart". The control of the communist dictatorship through the internet; the use of anti-terrorist propaganda to brainwash millions of Uyghurs. "I refuse to use smartphones made in China".

| 10/12/2018

"It will do us good today, and also tomorrow, during the week, to take this chapter IX of John and read this beautiful story of the boy blind from birth. And finish from our heart with the act of faith: 'I believe, Lord. Help my little faith '".

| 10/12/2018

Absent the Emir of Qatar who has snubbed the invitation of the hosts Riyadh. Among the elements of tension is the murder of Saudi dissident journalist Khashoggi. The meeting dedicated to oil and security policies. In the final statement the importance of unity underlined.

| 10/12/2018

"First of all we are called to reclaim the depressions produced by coldness and indifference, opening ourselves to others with the same sentiments of Jesus, that is, with that cordiality and fraternal attention that takes responsibility for the needs of our neighbor".

| 09/12/2018

On the day of the feast of the Immaculate Conception, Francis underlines the value of Mary's "here I am!": "It is being open to the Lord, it is the cure for selfishness, the antidote to disatisfaction with life, when we feel that there is always missing something". Today, Bishop Peter Claverie and eighteen religious comrades killed in hatred of the faith are beatified in Algeria.


| 08/12/2018

Francis pays homage to the image of Our Lady, and remembers the sick, those in difficulty, families, priests, religious and those who have responsibilities in public administration. The visit to the Basilica of Saint Mary Major and to Rome’s "Messaggero" Newspaper headquarters.

| 08/12/2018
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by Bernardo Cervellera
The paintings are the work of artist Mauro Valsangiacomo. The exhibition will be open from 15.30 to 18.30 every weekday from December 12 to 23. The Mediterranean as a place of encounter and clash of cultures and peoples; synthesis of civilizations gradually ...
| 29/11/2018
by Kamel Abderrahmani
Tunisian President Caid Essebsi has proposed changes accepted by the Tunisian cabinet. Under Sharia women inherit half the share men get. For the first time the principle of true equality between the sexes is realised in the Muslim world, breaking with ...
| 26/11/2018
Saturday night, a chlorine mortar attack hit the city’s western neighbourhood. Shelling is taking place every evening, the prelate notes. This time, “we saw yellow smoke rise, different from the black and dense columns”. Residents now ...
| 26/11/2018
The letter is addressed to the government authorities, asking for religious freedom, but also to the faithful of the world (and perhaps to the Vatican) asking how to behave in the face of persecution. The loor communities have suffered destructions of ...
| 26/11/2018
Underway since 2014, the project has touched 1.4 million Filipinos. The 2013 disaster affected 3,424,593 families in nine regions, causing the death of 6,193 people and injuring another 28,689. The Catholic Church, together with Caritas, raised about ...
| 17/11/2018
by Joseph
A lay faithful denounces the betrayal of the agreement between China and the Holy See. Priests are obliged to be part of the Patriotic Association, a supporter of a Church that is "independent" of the Holy See. The four priests are known for their pastoral ...
| 14/11/2018
Pakistan, raccolta firme dei giovani focolarini
Cina, demoliti i locali di una parrocchia a Liaocheng 2
Cina, demoliti i locali di una parocchia a Liaocheng 1
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