Payments made by December 15th.  Minister for Social Affairs: "Christmas Gift" for those who work for people with disabilities.  A thousand gathered in the patriarchal see on the occasion of the World Day.  The cardinal: how we treat the disabled "determines the degree of civilization of a nation".


| 07/12/2019
by Sumon Corraya

Bishop Gervas Rozario calls on the faithful to prepare themselves in spirit and body to welcome the coming of Christ. Advent is a “time of waiting and confession". He urges Catholics in tribal communities to celebrate with neighbours in accordance with their own culture.

| 06/12/2019

A 23-year-old woman was attacked yesterday in Uttar Pradesh and is currently fighting for her life. In India, a woman is raped every 15 minutes. For Archbishop Gerald John Mathias, "Respect for women is learnt in the family". Discrimination against them "starts in the mother's womb". Everywhere the Indian Church is working for female empowerment.

| 06/12/2019

Sister Elenita Belardo is a member and former leader of an advocacy group branded by the Filipino government as a front for the underground Communist movement. National security adviser accuses the nun of lying about the group’s legal status. For the group, the authorities want to stop them from “speaking about widespread human rights violations.”

| 06/12/2019

In the speech prepared for "Aggiornamenti Sociali" a Italian Jesuits magazine, Francis states that the preferential option "before rushing to their aid, this option requires that we be on their side, even when we look at the dynamics of society."


| 06/12/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The Patriarch of Moscow criticises the bill currently before the Senate. In his view the data about abuse informing the bill “do not correspond to reality”, but for experts say they are accurate. The family, according to the Orthodox leader, "is a sacred space of people who love each other,” which must be defended from external interference.


| 06/12/2019
by Nirmala Carvalho

The victims were taken to the scene of the crime they were accused of, namely the rape and killing of a 27-year-old veterinarian. The social networks are full of messages of praising teh police. Dr. Carvalho recalls that "Pope Francis is against the death penalty" and that "there are other means to expiate the damage caused".


| 06/12/2019

The organization, which includes 48 pro-democracy groups, is among the most active in popular protests. The new chief police officer flies to Beijing to meet with Chinese security leaders. Agents "ready to intervene in the event of disorder".

| 06/12/2019

The war will cost the international community US$ 29 billion in terms of aid. According to a report by the International Rescue Committee, Yemen is most food insecure country in the world. The current situation is the by-product of years of "impunity" and Western support.


| 06/12/2019

The Associated Press has managed to get the original reports of the complaints. Officials under anonymity denounce pressure from the Pakistani government to block investigations that would ruin the "profitable" link with Beijing. Intermediaries earn up to 58 thousand euros for each bride sold, but families are given only about 1,160.

| 06/12/2019

The 73-year-old doctor and health worker died in an ambush two days ago in the eastern province of Nangarhar. Armed men opened fire on his car, killing five others. The Taliban deny any responsibility in the attack.

| 06/12/2019

The head of Tehran's diplomacy against countries that say they support the nuclear deal, but end up following the line of sanctions. For the Islamic Republic it is a "necessary and important" issue. Minister of Health: "very hard" year for medicines, drugs and medical equipment.

| 06/12/2019

The Holy Land has "never before seen" such a political situation, which generates "instability". Rebuilding from ruins is strengthening a sense of community. Economic migrants to the Holy Land are "an integral part" of the life of the Church. Bethlehem is not only a place but an "invitation" to a different lifestyle.

| 05/12/2019

The Venerable Wonhaeng, leader of South Korea’s Buddhist Jogye Order, visited Pakistan for a week. The founder of Korean Buddhism came from what is now Pakistan. The Jogye Order’s chief abbot met Pakistan’s president and prime minister in Islamabad. Peaceful coexistence between religions in Pakistan is possible.

| 05/12/2019
Denise Ho Thanksgiving (credits to Guardians of Hong Kong)
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