19 February 2018
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  • 19/02/2018 - INDIA – VATICAN

    The Indian nun has a long experience with the Archdiocese of Mumbai. In 2016 Card Gracias chose her as a member of the expert group for child protection. In India, abuses occur “in schools and even in orphanages,” she notes.

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    16/02/2018 - NEPAL

    China’s friend KP Sharma Oli sworn in as Nepal’s prime minister

    Oli leads the Communist Party of Nepal-United Marxist Leninist. He began his political career in the 1970s. During that time, he spent 14 years in prison for his opposition to the Hindu monarchy. Now he has pledged to work for peace, stability and development.

    16/02/2018 - INDIA

    Madhya Pradesh, Pentecostals sentenced to 6 months in prison for 'forced conversions'

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    13 convicted include a vision impaired couple. Most Pentecostals are day laborers. The government led by Hindu nationalists "arrests Pentecostal Christians with groundless imputations".

    15/02/2018 - INDIA

    Nagaland, BJP offers Christians free pilgrimages to Jerusalem: 'Political opportunism'

    On February 27, the states of Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura will vote. In Nagaland, 88% of the population is Christian. The Council of Baptist Churches in Nagaland boycotts the nationalist parties and denounces violence against Christians.

    14/02/2018 - INDIA

    For Card Gracias, Lent is a time of fasting and works of mercy

    by Oswald Gracias*

    About 500 Catholics took part in Ash Wednesday Mass in the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Mumbai. They heard practical indications for the Lenten period. In lieu of abstinence, people can perform works of charity and exercises of piety. They can also benefit from the sacrament of reconciliation.

    12/02/2018 - INDIA

    Odisha: Christians and Hindus remember Fr Marian Żelazek, 'missionary of compassion' (photos)

    by Purushottam Nayak

    More than 2,500 people took part in the memorial service for the missionary’s centennial, who spent five years in the Dachau concentration camp, an experience that helped him prepare for his future mission in India. Fr Marian dedicated his life to the poor and those living with leprosy; in them he saw the face of God.

    09/02/2018 - INDIA

    Indian nuns, alone fighting human trafficking

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    AMRAT is an organisation that brings together more than 100 nuns from across India. Founded in 2009, it has established a network of civil and social groups. Yesterday was the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Trafficking in Persons. At least, 18 million people live in slave-like conditions in India.

    09/02/2018 - INDIA

    Card. Oswald Gracias is the new president of the Indian bishops (Video)

    The cardinal also chairs the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences and the Conference of Latin Rite Indian Bishops. He is a fervent supporter of the social work of the Catholic Church in India. He is following the process of canonization of the martyrs of Kandhamal (Orissa).

    06/02/2018 - INDIA – MYANMAR

    For Card Bo, the Church is the great driver in Indian society

    by Charles Bo*

    The archbishop of Yangon is the guest of honour at the Plenary Assembly of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India. For him, "When challenges abound, unity is not a luxury but [. . .] a necessity". Extremist nationalism "threatens the lives of vulnerable people". In Myanmar, "The Church took up the role of mercy for the afflicted people".

    05/02/2018 - INDIA

    Bishops in plenary assembly focus on nationalism, poverty and Dalits as India’s greatest challenges

    The general assembly of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India is currently underway in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Myanmar’s Card Bo praises Christian commitment to education and health. For him, "Poverty is the mortal sin of modern times". Dalits are bearers of a rich cultural heritage.

    02/02/2018 - INDIA

    Indian Catholics on 2018 budget: positive steps for the poor and Dalits

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The Minister of Finance proposes funds for semi-universal health insurance and for the development of rural areas. The health plan will cover 100 million poor families. Catholic leaders: "Vigilance over the actual distribution of money".

    01/02/2018 - INDIA

    Card Gracias stresses the role of education in promoting interreligious harmony

    A symposium on interfaith dialogue is held in Mumbai. Although Catholic schools have been attacked in India, inside "teachers and students of every religion must be encouraged to join the quest for peace by examining our own readiness to forgive others and to be reconciled, and by making gestures of forgiveness and reconciliation." What is needed is a cultural revolution and an ethic of justice, and reconciliation "is indispensable for the promotion of peace in society".

    01/02/2018 - INDIA

    782 day sit in ends after police promise to investigate 'murdered' brother

    SR Sreejith has become a social media "hero". His peaceful protest before Kerala State Secretariat. His brother Sreejeev died in police custody. Between 2010 and 2015, at least 591 deaths in custody.

    31/01/2018 - INDIA

    Indian bishop calls for a women’s political movement to support women's rights

    Preference for boys is widespread in the country. Girls are considered an "economic burden”; however, in some tribes, women are “in charge”. The Syro-Malankara Church hands out prizes to women who evangelise. Mgr Jacob Mar Barnabas, chairman of the CBCI Council for Women, speaks on the issue.

    30/01/2018 - PAKISTAN – CHINA – INDIA

    The opening of Gwadar Free Trade Zone on China’s new Silk Road disappoints New Delhi

    The Pakistani port is the flagship project of the US$ 50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Its annual output is expected to reach US$ 790.5 million when in full operation. India oppose the corridor because it runs through the disputed territory of Kashmir.

    30/01/2018 - INDIA

    India has 21 million unwanted girls and 63 million “never born”

    Indian parents have a "preference for a male child" and will continue bringing girls into the world until they generate the male. Although banned, tests for determining the sex of the unborn child are still widespread. Every year two million girls "disappear" through abortion, diseases and malnutrition.

    26/01/2018 - ASIA-UN

    Record foreign investment in China in 2017

    China absorbed 144 billion dollars: in second place after the United States. India is in 10th place with 45 billion. Developing Asian economies are drivers. Good prospects for 2018.

    25/01/2018 - INDIA

    Kerala: 800-day sit-in to demand justice for brother 'killed' in custody

    SR Sreejith has become a "hero" on social media. The hashtag "#JusticeForSreejith" has received thousands of shares. The 26-year-old brother beaten up by agents, perhaps to punish him for a relationship with one of the officer’s fiancé.

    24/01/2018 - INDIA

    Catholic school drops complaint against Hindu radicals in Madhya Pradesh

    Young nationalists had attacked the St Mary Post Graduate College in Vidisha. Top public officials came out in favour of constitutional protection for minorities. More than 9,500 students, mostly Hindus, attend the school in question.

    23/01/2018 - INDIA

    Orissa, 534 confirmations in the persecuted Church of Kandhamal

    by Purushottam Nayak

    Three Confirmation ceremonies were held in the district. In 2008, the Indian state was the scene of the most violent anti-Christian pogroms. 175 young people confirmed in the parish of St. Peter of Pobingia; 88 other young people in the parish of Saint Sebastian in Saramuli; 271 young people from the parish of St. Joseph of Godapur.

    23/01/2018 - INDIA

    Hindu radicals burn Christian church and shops in Jammu and Kashmir

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The Sehal Christ Church attacked on January 16. Hindu fanatics wanted to "avenge" the alleged murder of a woman "forcibly converted ". Sajan K George: "In the Indian state, Christians are between the anvil and the hammer of nationalists and Muslims".

    22/01/2018 - INDIA

    Tamil Nadu, Pentecostal pastor found hanged. He had received threats

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Rev. Gideon Periyaswamy was 43 and led the Maknayeem church. He converted 25 years ago from Hinduism. In the past he had been harassed and humiliated. The Hindus "were not happy with the increase of the Christian faithful".

    19/01/2018 - INDIA

    Chhattisgarh withdraws law that would have allowed the seizure of tribal lands

    The legislation was dropped following protests by indigenous groups. The Church is on the side of the poor. Tribals make up about 28 per cent of the State’s population. About 15 per cent of India’s steel is produced in the State.

    19/01/2018 - INDIA

    Vasai, Week of prayer for Christian unity "for the conversion of hearts"

    by Felix Machado*

    More than 1500 faithful of different Christian denominations gathered in common prayer. "In the name of Jesus we are called to overcome all the challenges of division". "The unity of the Christian family is the key to unity in the human family and peace in the world".

    18/01/2018 - INDIA

    Winter Cricket Cup to keep kids away from drugs in Miao diocese

    Some 18 teams are involved in the sporting competition, which will last until 25 January. Organisers envisage holding the event on an annual basis. The “lack of guidance and a suppressed need to get recognised” are the main cause of drug addiction.

    18/01/2018 - INDIA

    Tamil Nadu, five gored to death in the 'Jallikattu' bull race

    The victims were watching the sporting event. Indian bullfighting is considered the oldest sport of modern times. The bullfighters do not use weapons, unlike the Spanish bullfighters.

    17/01/2018 - INDIA

    Ranchi: clergyman beaten by Hindu radicals, but most Indians are against violence

    Anti-Christian violence is orchestrated by extreme right-wing nationalist groups. “What is under attack is the pluralism of Indian society!”

    16/01/2018 - INDIA

    Madhya Pradesh, Hindu prayers in Catholic schools: a nationalist leader arrested (Video)

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Upadhesh Rana is the head of the Vishwa Sanathan Sangh. The St. Mary Post Graduate College defended by more than 500 policemen. The St. Paul Convent School in the district of Ratlam attacked and vandalized by members of the Shri Rajput Karni Sena.

    15/01/2018 - INDIA

    Hindu radicals against Catholic school in Madhya Pradesh

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The St Joseph Convent School in Namli is run by the Sisters of St Joseph of Chambery. After two students were reprimanded because of unruliness, nationalists slammed the nuns for “anti-national” behaviour.

    12/01/2018 - INDIA – NEPAL

    Three Nepali Christians arrested in Uttar Pradesh for spreading Christianity

    The charges against them include using offensive language against Hindu gods. Among Evangelicals, other religions are often seen in totally negative terms.

    Editor's choices

    The tears of Chinese bishops. A portrait of Msgr. Zhuang, bishop of Shantou

    Padre Pietro

    A priest of the official Church, recalls the 88 year old bishop that the Vatican wants to replace with an illegitimate bishop, to please the regime. Mons. Zhuang Jianjian became an underground bishop at the behest of the Vatican in 2006. Card. Zen and Msgr. Zhuang, image of the faithful Church, "which provokes an immense sadness and a sense of impotence". The hopes of card. Parolin to console "the past and present sufferings of Chinese Catholics".

    Card. Zen on the bishops of Shantou and Mindong

    Card. Joseph Zen

    The bishop emeritus of Hong Kong confirms the information published in recent days by AsiaNews and reveals details of his conversation with Pope Francis on these topics: "Do not create another Mindszenty case", the primate of Hungary whom the Vatican forced to leave the country, appointing a successor in Budapest, at the will of the communist government of the time. 


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