22 August 2017
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  • 22/08/2017 - INDIA

    Harjot Sethi was attacked while on a rally and suffered numerous injuries. The crosses were demolished at a pilgrimage site. Sajan K George: "It seems that only the majority can enjoy freedom in India."

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    21/08/2017 - INDIA

    Caritas brings aid to flood victims in Assam and Bihar

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The Catholic charity set aside about US$ 780,000. In Bihar, they handed out aid worth around US$ 312,000. Caritas "has done a unique job, helping people of every faith.” Lucknow bishop offers his condolences after a train crash kills 23 in Uttar Pradesh.

    19/08/2017 - SOUTH ASIA

    Floods emergency hist more than 16 million in Nepal, Bangladesh and India

    Red Cross and Red Crescent: "One of the worst regional humanitarian crises in recent years." More than a third of Bangladesh and Nepal are flooded. Floods hit nearly 11 million people in four northern Indian states. Tens of thousands of displaced people. There are growing concerns about food shortages and illnesses due to contamination of drinking water.

    19/08/2017 - INDIA

    Activists call on Delhi government not to deport 40,000 Rohingya Muslims

    The Undersecretary for Internal Affairs has asked States to identify and expel refugees. Thousands of people have fled from Myanmar to avoid persecutions, rapes, summary executions. "India knows what they should do. It would be shameful to abandon them to their destiny. "

    18/08/2017 - INDIA

    Kolkata, Muslim students promote respect for human dignity

    The Students Islamic Organisation of India is behind the initiative. Over two weeks, young people will promote respect for life throughout the country. This comes after a series of violent actions against Dalit and Muslims. Symposia, seminars and public lectures are on the agenda. The campaign is meant to glorify “the very tenets of humankind”.

    17/08/2017 - INDIA

    For Jesuit activist, India is still ruled by tyrants after 70 years of independence

    Fr Cedrik Prakash, who works for the Refugee Service in Lebanon, speaks on the 70th anniversary of India’s independence. The country has fallen into the hands of Hindu nationalists, and religious minorities, the education system, and freedom of expression are its victims. He cites the poem ‘Where the Mind does not Fear’.

    17/08/2017 - CHINA – SOUTH ASIA

    As China inks deals with Nepal and Pakistan confrontation with India continues

    For the past three months, Indian and Chinese troops have faced off near Bhutan. China’s deputy prime minister signs a humanitarian aid package and an agreement for oil and gas exploration with Nepal. Beijing is set to build a US$ 4 billion refinery and petrochemical complex near Karachi.

    16/08/2017 - INDIA

    Indian Associations: On 25 August we remember the Christian victims of Kandhamal

    by Purushottam Nayak

    The National Solidarity Forum includes over 70 organizations and was born following the 2008 pogroms against Christians. "Kandhamal Day" not to forget the victims and give them justice. "Your solidarity will inspire those still struggling." The Forum's demands.

    14/08/2017 - INDIA

    Odisha, online clinic project in support of rural areas

    by C.T. Nilesh

    For years, the project responds to the needs of unemployment and health care in remote areas. 127 centers already opened. An electronic consultation costs a third of the normal ones.

    14/08/2017 - INDIA

    Card. Cleemis: Church mourns for children who died in Uttar Pradesh hospital

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The toll climbs to 79 victims. The tragedy caused by lack of oxygen in neonatal pediatric and neurology wards . Gorakhpur hospital had failed to pay debt with the supplying company. Political repercussions on newly elected chief minister Yogi Adityanath.

    12/08/2017 - KOREA

    Korean Bishops say no to “unreasonable provocations', call for a stop to the nuclear escalation by working for the “coexistence of humanity”

    Korean bishops issued an Exhortation today on the rising tensions around the Korean peninsula. North Korea but also "neighbouring countries" are at risk of "hasty unrestrained action" that could lead to the "death of innumerable people" and "deep wounds for the whole of humanity." They call for reduced military budgets and more spending on human and cultural development. They urge using "conscience, intelligence, solidarity, piety and mutual respect". A prayer is set for the feast day of the Assumption, which is also Korean Independence Day.

    11/08/2017 - INDIA – NEPAL

    Two Nepali Christian couples detained for “forced conversions” in Bihar

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The four Nepalis had been evangelising for a month in different neighbourhoods in the city of Muzaffarpur. They have been accused without any evidence of trying to convert the poor through money promises. The Indian Constitution guarantees the right to propagate one’s faith.


    Mgr Kikuchi: The Church in Japan praying for peace, while political leaders fuel tensions

    by Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi

    For the bishop of Niigata, tensions on the Korean peninsula go back 70 years, but new political leaders "have been fueling the existing fire." A solution involving US military aggression would only bring devastating results to everyone. Ten days of praying for peace are being held. Japanese and Korean bishops are working together.

    10/08/2017 - INDIA

    The Indian Church reiterates its mission on behalf of indigenous rights and development

    by Purushottam Nayak

    The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India organised a conference to promote tribal groups on International Day of Indigenous Peoples. The latter represent 8.6 per cent of India’s population but live on the margins of society, victims of violence and backwardness. Bishop Mascarenhas calls for action to “protect and preserve the identity of tribal communities."

    07/08/2017 - INDIA

    Sister Meena Barwa becomes a “sister” to ten prisoners

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Together with 19 women, she visited a Madya Pradesh prison to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan with 89 inmates. The event is centred on the relationship between brother and sister making the women, the prisoners’ "sisters". For Sr Meena, "Usually we despise people in jail and think that they deserve their punishment;” however, the prisoners, who are aged 20 to 50, are just “human beings who have done something wrong."

    05/08/2017 - INDIA

    Break the Silence on Intolerance: Open Letter of 101 Indian Intellectuals

    Among the signatories of the letter there are many friends of AsiaNews. In three years there have been at least 600 violent attacks against churches, pastors, faithful, religious and rapes of nuns. There is also a rise in violence against Dalits and Muslims. Hate is also spread by ministers and public figures. It is necessary to act "before it is too late".

    03/08/2017 - INDIA

    Maharashtra law against social boycott is a turning point for Dalit Christians

    The new law will give great dignity to Dalit and tribal Christians who are often driven out of villages and forced to live a migrant life on the margins of society. The law takes into account all human rights issues and is against all morality-based discrimination. It calls for social acceptance of language, clothing, political, and gender differences.

    02/08/2017 - INDIA

    Jharkhand, new anti-conversion law. Card Toppo: There are no forced conversions

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Conversions made by force or under coercion for material gain forbidden. Penalty up to three years in jail and 50,000 fine rupees; Bigger penalties if you try to convert young girls or tribal women. Over the past 10 years, in Jharkhand, the Hindu population has grown by 21%; Christians by 29.7%, Muslims by 28.4%. For Hindu nationalists, there are "forces that trying to destroy society which has indulged conversions for too long." Pro-tribal party critical. Sobering Muslim response. Card. Toppo: We are free people. No one can force another to convert.

    01/08/2017 - INDIA

    Apostolic Union of the Clergy, support for the ministry and lonely priests

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The UAC holds its annual meeting in Punjab. In addition to supporting the ministry, the association helps clergymen "support one another in times of difficulties, [which] may be 'burnout', may be loneliness, may be personal crisis etc.”

    31/07/2017 - INDIA

    Indians at Asian Youth Day, bearing witness to diversity in unity

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Some 83 young people represent India at the 7th Asian Youth Day (AYD7), which opened yesterday until 6 August in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Indian delegation shows a multicultural, multi-religious and pluralistic face and is an example of peaceful coexistence between religions and cultures.

    30/07/2017 - VATICAN

    Pope: everyone against the modern slavery of human trafficking. Treasure and pearl

    Pope Francis has Hail Mary recited at the Angelus “to support the victims of trafficking and convert the hearts of traffickers.” The world seems to be getting used to this "aberrant plague", which is “ugly, cruel, criminal!" The pontiff mentioned the parables of the treasure and precious pearl. The quest "is the essential condition for finding". The discovery of the treasure and the pearl entails "sacrifice, detachment and renunciation”. The joy of the farmer and merchant in the parable "is the joy of each of us when we discover the closeness and consoling presence of Jesus in our lives."

    28/07/2017 - INDIA

    For administrator of Baroda, Dalit Christians have to speak out against marginalisation

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Mgr Fernandes spoke at the annual meeting of the National Council of Dalit Christians. The constitutional order of 1950 excludes Dalit Christians and Muslims from employment and education quotas. An India-wide protest has been set for 7 December.

    26/07/2017 - INDIA

    More destroyed Crosses in Goa. But the Catholic 'culprit' is already in prison

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    Last night the Caranzalem cemetery was defiled. At least 12 Crosses destroyed near the Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima. The burial site was intact when the Catholic Francis Pereira was arrested. Sajan K George: "Christians are easy targets."


    25/07/2017 - INDIA

    Indian Jesuit: dismantling the myth of the 'Hindu nation'

    by George Pattery sj*

    For India, the greatest threat to freedom is the divisive ideology of Hindutva. After the first revolution that led to the emergence of a secular and democratic nation, a second revolution is now needed. The ruling government discriminates against minorities, forgets Dalits, creates fractures in society, in an attempt to impose a monolithic culture. The revival of the pluralistic spirit of India. An analysis by the Jesuit Provincial Superior for South Asia.

    24/07/2017 - NEPAL – INDIA

    'Bangalore Cares for Nepal' opens school for earthquake victims

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The old school collapsed in the April 2015 earthquake. The new Jal Kalyan Vidyalay School was inaugurated on 21 July. It caters to secondary and high school students. Almost US$ 70,000 were spent on building four classrooms as well as a library and a lab.

    22/07/2017 - INDIA

    Bishops: August 10 a 'black day' for discriminated Dalit Christians

    by Purushottam Nayak

    The initiative of Indian Bishops' Conference Office for Dalits and Disadvantaged Classes. The constitutional order of 1950 excludes all non-Hindus from the advantages reserved to the former "untouchables". In the following years, the changes included Sikhs and Buddhists. Christian and Muslim Dalits are marginalized

    21/07/2017 - INDIA

    Indian bishops urge new president to uphold the constitution and the law

    The Indian Bishops' Conference congratulates Ram Nath Kovind for his election yesterday. A former governor of Bihar, he is a member of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party. CIBC general secretary urges him to “devote himself to the service and well-being of the people of the Republic of India.”

    21/07/2017 - INDIA

    In 2016, 11,400 farmers committed suicide in India over debt

    The figures are from the Agriculture Ministry. In 2015, another 12,602 farmers took their own lives. Among the states, Maharshtra is ranked first with 4,291 cases.

    20/07/2017 - INDIA

    Nationalists are jubilant, Ram Nath Kovind, a Dalit, is India’s 14th president

    The former governor of Bihar won with 66 per cent of the votes with the support of the Hindu nationalist party of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A foregone conclusion, the outcome confirms the prime minister’s political acumen. The next Union elections are set for 2019. Once marginalised, Dalits are courted today given their size (16 per cent) in the electorate.

    20/07/2017 - CHINA - INDIA

    Modi’s Hindu nationalism could trigger another war, the Global Times says

    A belligerent editorial in the Chinese Communist Party newspaper clarifies Beijing's position. Tensions have reignited between China and India near the border with Bhutan, on the Doklam plateau claimed by China. The armies have been facing off for about a month. India feels still surrounded.

    Editor's choices

    Card. Parolin in Moscow: Ostpolitik conquers distrust

    Vladimir Rozanskij

    The theme is a meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill, not in Moscow, but in some holy place of the Christian East, or in Bari. An international conference on the future of Ukraine and Crimea. Commitment to Christians and Peace in the Middle East. 

    For Eastern Catholic patriarchs, the genocide of Christians is an affront to all humanity

    Fady Noun

    Afflicted by wars, emigration and insecurity, Christian communities have now become "a small flock" amid the indifference of the international community. Patriarchs appeal to Pope Francis and the international community. Catholics and Orthodox share the same problems. The end of Christians in the East would be "a shameful stigma for the whole 21st century".


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