12/21/2007, 00.00
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A Bible smaller than a pin

An Israeli technological Institute has transferred the 30,428 words of the entire Old Testament onto a chip of 0.5 millimetres squared. It is the smallest Bible in existence; the smallest to date registered in the Guinness book of records in 50 times bigger.

Haifa (AsiaNews/Agencies) –The smallest Bible ever made is smaller than a pinhead:  0.5 millimetres square. On that space scientist from Technion, An Israeli technological Institute transferred the 30,428 words of the entire Old Testament. 

The nano-Bible was developed from an idea by Uri Sivan, head of the Nanotechnology Institute. The project was managed by physics' doctoral student Ohad Zohar. This is the world's tiniest Bible," Zohar said. "The Guinness Book of World Records has a Bible 50 times bigger”. 

The scientists managed their feat by sending focused beams of tiny particles, called gallium ions, onto the surface of the silicon chip. “"By sending a particle beam towards various points on the substrate, we can etch any pattern of points, especially one that represents text," said Zohar”. The nano-Bible was developed by the Haifa-based institute as part of an educational programme aimed at increasing interest in nanoscience among teenagers.

The scientists now want to take pictures of the miniature Bible and blow it up to a seven-by-seven metre (yard) poster, which will make it "possible to read the entire Bible with the naked eye”.


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