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Afghanistan, video of Marines urinating on dead bodies part of the horrors of war

A Marine Corps official said that at least two of the soldiers were recognized. A source for AsiaNews said that the gesture is part of "the horrors of a war that spares nothing and nobody" and speaks of the lack of knowledge of a land "that they are invading and occupying."
Kabul (AsiaNews) - At least two American soldiers filmed urinating on the corpses of those who are thought to be the Taliban have been identified, a Marine Corps officer has confirmed. The video, which was posted yesterday on the Internet, shows U.S. soldiers standing over the corpses of some Taliban, one of which is covered in blood. The Marines have launched a criminal and internal investigation. The Taliban have condemned the video, saying at the same time that it will have no bearing on the political process.

The source of the video, which was originally posted on YouTube, is still unknown. There is no confirmation on the authenticity of images, but according to local sources there are indications that it is authentic. Some see it as a provocation linked in some way to the skirmishes of the American presidential election campaign that has just begun. The offending soldiers are belong to the Third Battalion, Second Marine Regiment, which has seen wide-ranging action, from fighting to peacekeeping in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. The unit has been in Afghanistan since the beginning of autumn 2011.

The condemnation of the gesture is universal. Local sources tell AsiaNews the episode is part of "the horrors of a war that spares no one, the gesture itself is irreverent and shows lack of respect towards human beings. It also shows ignorance of the psychology of a land that they are occupying and invading, synonymous in the case of Afghanistan". After what "already happened in Iraq, we should realize that certain actions should never happen. Is it possible that errors that took place in other wars have not taught us anything? Evidently history has not taught us to avoid errors and horrors, however hard the situation of war. "

The Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, said that is not the first time that Americans have been responsible for "savage actions", and that the attacks against them will continue. Another spokesman, Zahibullah Mujahid said that "the video is not part of the political process, so the video will not harm the talks and exchange of prisoners which are at a preliminary stage."

For the link to the video posted on YouTube, see here.
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