11/12/2018, 10.33
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Alibaba online sales of nearly $ 31 billion on Singles Day

Sales grew 27% over last year. In Shanghai, a show with Maria Carey and Cirque du Soleil. The highest consumption in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou. China has a middle class of consumers of 300 million. Within 10-15 years the number will double.

Shanghai (AsiaNews / Agencies) - On Singles Day (November 11, a date with many "1s"), the Alibaba group managed to sell 30.8 billion dollars online (more than 213 billion yuan) of shoes , computers, mobile phones, clothes.

Compared to last year, sales grew by 27%, although it is the lowest increase in the history of the Day.

Invented by Jack Ma, the founder of the group, the Singles Day is a suggestion to buy and treat yourself to something, in competition with the Valentine's Day, where you give someone else a present. Since last year the event has also been expanded in the western world.

It has become the largest online sales event in the world. Sales and results are broadcast live on TV, in a sumptuous gala show. This year the singer Maria Carey and the Cinque du Soleil participated.

The biggest consumers were in Shanghai, where the show was also held, followed by Beijing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou.

The frenzy in online shopping is a sign of the economic development of China in the last 20 years, from a GDP per person of 800 dollars in 1999 to 9 thousand dollars today. It is also a sign of the great Chinese market. According to Joe Tsai, vice-president of Alibaba, at present in China there are about 300 million middle class consumers; between 10-15 years they will double, keeping consumption high.

This year’s is perhaps the last online sale for Jack Ma after he announced his decision last September to leave the company's presidency to dedicate himself to charity.

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