27 April 2017
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  • » 01/17/2008, 00.00


    Another attack against a church in Mosul

    The car bomb struck the Chaldean church of the Immaculate Virgin, in the ancient part of the city. Two persons were wounded. It is the fourth attack against Christian targets in Mosul in just 11 days. The Shiite community was also struck: suicide bombers killed 10 among the faithful on pilgrimage for the Ashura.

    Mosul (AsiaNews) - Another car bomb against a church in Mosul. This time, the target of the attack was the Chaldean church of the Immaculate Virgin, in the ancient part of the city. The news comes from an Arabic language website, Ankawa.com. The explosion happened at about 6:30 p.m. (local time) and wounded two: a woman and a policeman.

    At this time it is not known how much damage was done to the church building, which stands on the foundation of what was the most ancient Christian church in Mosul. A short distance from the church is the old Chaldean episcopal residence, which was attacked in 2004. Only 11 days ago, the city, which is the capital of the province of Nineveh, was together with Baghdad the setting of a series of coordinated bombing attacks.  The sites struck last January 6 were: the Chaldean church of Saint Paul, which was almost destroyed; the entrance to the orphanage run by the Chaldean sisters in Alnoor; a Nestorian church; and the convent of the Dominican sisters of Mosul Jadida.

    On that occasion, the Chaldean bishop of Kirkuk had spoken of "a precise message, and probably a coordinated plan" directed against the Christian community. Three days later, on January 9, Kirkuk was struck as well:  car bombs exploded at the Chaldean cathedral of the Sacred Heart, and at the Syriac Orthodox church of Saint Ephrem.

    Today also saw a serious attack against another place of worship, but a Muslim one. A suicide bomber killed 10 person during the Shitte celebrations for Ashura in Baquba, northeast of Baghdad. The attacker - according Iraqi police sources - detonated the explosive vest that he was wearing in the middle of a procession of the faithful, who were coming out of a Shiite mosque in the city. About 10 persons were wounded in the explosion. This was the first attack against the Shiites since, last January 12, celebrations began throughout Iraq for Ashura, which commemorates the death of Imam Hussein in the year 680.

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    Second attack in two days against Shia pilgrims
    A bomb explodes killing four people; yesterday’s incident left 43 dead. The attacks target the millions of faithful who go to Karbala to commemorate the death of Imam Hussein, a central figure in Shia Islam.

    16/06/2008 IRAQ
    "Ecumenical graduation" at Babel College in Ankawa
    The academic year concludes for the only theology faculty in Iraq: the five graduates come from the Chaldean, Armenian Orthodox, Assyrian, and Syro-Catholic communities. Patriarch Delly and many bishops attend the ceremony. Three sisters wounded today by a suicide bomber in Telkef.

    09/10/2008 IRAQ
    Islamic fundamentalists: "expel Christians from Mosul"
    Yesterday, a 38-year-old Chaldean was shot to death, but there could be a total of three victims. Men are driving around the city shouting slogans against the Christians, threatening more slaughter and violence. From the U.S. command, confirmation that Mosul has become the last stronghold of the al Qaeda militants.

    15/10/2015 IRAQ
    Winter is coming for Mosul refugees: We need your help
    Fr. Samir El-Youssef Khoury writes a letter of thanks for aid received through AsiaNews. As winter closes in, refugees face new urgent challenges: finding warm clothes, paying for school buses, milk and bread for children.

    27/10/2008 IRAQ - VATICAN
    Chaldean bishop: appeal for Mosul, emptied of Christians
    Urged by the appeal of Benedict XVI, Rabban Al Qas, bishop of Ammadiya and Erbil, asks prime minister al Maliki and the American forces to accept responsibility for the violence afflicting Christians, the result of an intolerant fundamentalism that has never been halted. A request to the Islamic world as well, that it condemn what is taking place in Mosul. Tomorrow in Erbil, a meeting of Chaldean bishops and of the Vatican nuncio.

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    Papa Francesco

    To mark his upcoming visit to the country (28-29 April), Pope Francis today sent a video message to the Egyptian people. " Our world, torn by blind violence, which has also afflicted the heart of your dear land – needs peace, love and mercy; it needs workers for peace. "

    The roots of violent Islamism are in Islam, the words of a Muslim

    Kamel Abderrahmani

    After every terrorist attack, there is the tendency to say, "This is not Islam." Yet those criminal acts are justified and inspired by texts that are the reference point for Muslims and Islamic institutions worldwide. There is an urgent need to reform Islam from within, by the Muslims themselves. Coexistence with other religions is the way to remove Islam from sclerosis and stagnation.


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