10/19/2016, 11.15
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Anti-Isis Iraqis marked and executed in Mosul

To express their opposition, some Mosul residents wrote word "M" ( "Muqawamah", resistance) on the city’s walls.  Those discovered were immediately sentenced to death without trial. The militiamen fleeing the besieged city, are headed to Raqqa and Deir Ez Zor in Syria, thanks to the Turkish army protection. A new map of Turkey encompasses the northern Syria, Mosul, Erbil, Kirkuk and part of Armenia. From Saudi Arabia and Qatar a hashtag: "Mosul is annihilated". The hashtag of the Iraqi government: "Mosul is liberated”.


Mosul (AsiaNews) – When Isis (or Daesh) was rising to power in Syria and Iraq ì the letter "N" (Arabic word for "Nasrani", Nazarene) appeared on the homes of Christians to be exterminated or forcibly converted. Now as the Iraqi army advances on Mosul another letter is appearing on the city’s walls, only this time the Arabic letter "M" from "Muqawamah" resistance (see image 2 ). This is the only way the city’s people can express their desire for freedom after almost  two years under the rule of the Caliphate.

The news was confirmed by a Daesh site in Mosul, "Arab 21", listing the names of Iraqis caught in the act. For this reason, they were sentenced on the spot, without even the ruling of a Sharia court. The names mentioned by the site are: Yakzan Giuri, Baker Kassem, Hatem Ahmed, Ziyad Mohamed, Karam Zukayret, Mohamed Zukayret, Omar Yunes, Mohamed Hamed, Abdel Rahman Hamadi, Mohamed Imad and Omar Hazem.

Mosul residents have promised in secret that in the future, once liberated the city from the Islamic State, will build a monument to their honor, proclaiming them national heroes.

In a video released by Daesh in Iraq, you see the corpses of sentenced persons with their foreheads painted black to symbolize their belonging to the anti-Islamic "forces of darkness". They are shot 9in the head condemning them to death (images 1 and 3). In the video you hear the Executioner shouting in Arabic their sentence: "You have abandoned your religion with a single letter, you have sold your faith to a vile world so that now you have lost both religion and the world" .

According to local sources contacted by AsiaNews, there is a growing nervousness among Daesh ranks, even if their leaders continue to act with cool calm and security. The fear grew yesterday with the arrival of many fighters fleeing from Hamadaniyah, to the east of Mosul, now under Iraqi army control. For two days in fact the Iraqi flag flies over the local government building. Iraqi TV Al Sumariya reported that Daesh is now on the run from Hamadaniya and has left 25 dead on the field.

In Mosul, the AsiaNews sources say that Daesh fighters are fleeing in the direction of Raqqa and Deir Ez Zor in Syria, with the approval of many countries involved. In particular, Daesh militiamen are being allowed to pass  through areas controlled by the Turkish army in Iraq. This would seem to confirm a complicity between Turkey and the Islamic state.

A few days ago President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking at the University of Riza, in the far northeast of Turkey, said: "We will not withdraw from Iraq until the fate of Mosul is defined." Erdogan and senior Turkish leaders nourish  a neo-Ottoman dream and are planning future territorial annexations to incorporate northern Syria, northern Iraq with Mosul, Erbil and Kirkuk, and a part of Armenia. Pictures have been posted on Twitter of the new map of Turkey, which incorporates these new territories (see  image 4).

Turkey’s allies, who linger in the murky waters of Daesh, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have launched a new media war spreading a hashtag titled "Mosul is annihilated". The Iraqi government immediately responded with another hashtag: "Mosul is liberated." (PB)

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