02/23/2017, 14.46
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Catholic programme Hidup TV launched

It provides three hours of content a day. According to Indonesia’s Ministry of Information and Communications, 63 million Indonesians use the internet every day. The country is ranked fifth (after the US, Brazil, Japan and the UK) in terms of use of social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – The Social Communication Commission of the Archdiocese of Jakarta (Komsos Kaj) has launched a new Catholic TV programme called Hidup TV.

At first, the contents were only available via radio, but now, after working on audio-visual production, the programme now can be viewed online streaming.

Some local television channels want Catholic content in their lineup, but Komsos Kaj wanted something more "strategic" such as Catholic programming online.

After months of trials to test how best to use web radio to carry the content, Fr Sulistyo moved to a new goal, namely a Catholic TV programme.

This led some Indonesian Christians to think that the Catholic Church had opened its own local TV channel.

"Of course we didn’t,” Fr Sulistyo told AsiaNews. “This is not a regular TV station with a tower and many correspondents. But it does stream mostly Catholics programmes. We broadcast every day for three hours."

The lineup includes Oase Rohani Katolik, a daily programme with Catholic reflections and Embun nature Kehidupan, on everyday life.

The streaming series have been appreciated by Catholic believers, media, and priests who have expressed enthusiasm and support for the initiative.

Fr Sulistyo explained however that the programmes can only be seen via the internet or with a certain parabolic transmitter.

He also noted that social media are becoming increasingly important in daily life in Indonesia.

The Ministry of Information and Communications claims that 63 million Indonesians are using the internet every day.

The country is ranked in fifth place (after the US, Brazil, Japan and the UK) in terms of social media like Twitter and Facebook.

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