04/04/2019, 09.15
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Dhaka, a first ever birthday cake for 3,500 children

The party was organized by World Vision Bangladesh, a Christian NGO that works for disadvantaged children. All children of various ages were given a slice of cake, gifts and sweets.

Dhaka (AsiaNews / Agencies) - For the first time in their lives, 3,500 poor Bangladeshi children have blown out their birthday candles. It happened yesterday in Kotalipara, in the district of Gopalganj (subdivision of Dhaka). The celebration was organized by World Vision Bangladesh, a Christian NGO operating in favor of disadvantaged children.

The celebrations took place in the auditorium of the District Council and are part of the "I can prevent child abuse" program. All children of various ages were given a slice of cake, gifts and sweets. One of them, Arpita Roy, says she is very happy about the party. The girl tells the Dhaka Tribune: "The auditorium was beautifully decorated and we were treated well. None of us had ever had a birthday party. It was very important to participate today ".

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization founded in the 1950s in the United States on the initiative of the rev. Robert Pierce. One of the most important NGOs in the world that deals with distance adoption, today it is present in about 100 countries where it works for the welfare of children and their families.

In Bangladesh volunteers started operating in 1970, as the country was not yet independent and was known as East Pakistan. Today the association has 80 offices in 31 districts throughout the territory and serves five million people. Its only criterion is service in favor of the poor, without discrimination of religion, ethnicity or gender. It avails itself of the collaboration of anyone willing to follow this criterion.

Nazrul Islam, member of the District Council, inaugurated the ceremony saying: "These children live in extreme poverty. We are happy to celebrate them. The ceremony was animated by their own enthusiasm ". Addressing the children, Sylvia Daisy, coordinator of the Kotalipara Advanced Project of the Christian NGO, said: "You are our future. If you are leading the country, it will prosper towards equality. This is a small event to motivate you. We hope that one day, when you grow up, you can develop the country thanks to your knowledge and refined intelligence ”.

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