03/12/2018, 10.41

Extraordinary elections, the Democrats lose the right of veto

Elections for four of the six seats left vacant by the expulsion of pan-democrats. Down by one seat. The turnout is only 40% compared to 58.3% in 2016.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews / Agencies) - For the first time in years, the Hong Kong pan-democratic movement in the elections has lost its veto power. Elections for four of the six seats left vacant by the expulsion of pan-democrats in Hong Kong after six pro-democracy legislators were expelled because of "irregularities" in their reading the oath.

The Democrats managed to win only two of the four vacant seats, one less than those necessary for the opposition to block the proposals put forward in the legislative chamber of 70 seats.

The blockade had based its election campaign on the protest against the disqualification of its parliamentarians, framing the elections in a "referendum" framework, which however did not have the result they had hoped for.

The fact had triggered immediate reactions, but did not seem to bear any weight in yesterday's elections, which recorded a low turnout, of just over 40%, compared to 58.3% in the general elections.

The defeat raises the activists doubts and concerns for the future of the struggle for democracy and the autonomy of the region with special status. The opposition could still raise its position in the next extraordinary elections which will assign the last two seats. However, the date for the vote has not yet been decided.

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