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Indonesian police targeted by Islamic Jihad

Mathias Hariyadi
Police releases message carried by bomb attacker who almost lost his life in premature explosion on 30 September.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Indonesian police released today the content of two flyers found at the site of a bomb attack that failed four days ago in Kalimalang in East Jakarta. The message said: “This action is certainly retaliation for our enemies—the allies of Satan—who brutally murdered and executed our mujahidin brothers and put them into the hands of police. We are mentally and spiritually prepared to defend our holy religion. This holy bomb blast is intentionally designed to kill you—all infidels. We will hunt you down, even if you seek refuge in heaven. Your death will be your destiny”.

According to the police, the attacker, Ahmad Bin Abu Ali, was riding his bicycle to the Bekasi police station, when it exploded, tearing off his hands and legs.

Had it been carried out, it would have been the third terror attack since police carried out a raid in North Sumatra on 18 September. Law enforcement leaders deny however that they were the target of these attacks.

Viewed as the only party to the attempted attack, Ahmad Bin Abu Ali is at the Kramat Jati Hospital n critical conditions.

“He is still unconscious,” police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar said. “We hope he survives so that we can interrogate him”.

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