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Nancy Wang, a major star who gives voice to those who have none

by Xin Yage
The "brave woman" in the world of the Taiwanese jet set has a career spanning more than 30 years, during which she has won the most prestigious awards in the advertising field and has established friendly relations with all the major players in the Chinese world. But his world "needs values, and I want to give voice to minorities. The Lord, together with many friends, has always supported me. "

Taipei (AsiaNews) - The media world "needs valuable content, and I want to give voice to minorities. As a woman I already do my part, as Catholic and socially committed citizen I feel proud to be a fighter. And the Lord, along with several friends, men and women of good will, has always supported and inspired me”, says Nancy Wang, a real "institution" in the international advertising industry. Her faith sustains her, urging her to work for the voiceless.

Nancy Wang (王念慈 小姐) can boast having the personal mobile phone numbers of international actors such as Jet Li (李連杰) and Jackie Chan (成龍), and the largest Asian and American producers. She stops at nothing, and that's why they call her "brave woman" (勇於 向前 的 女生).

A brilliant student, she graduated from the best school in Taipei and immediately after pursued a bachelor's degree in journalism at the prestigious National Chengchi University (政治 大學). After graduation she began to work in the profession. After graduation she worked in a major advertising agency in Taiwan.

Because of her immense talent, between 1974 and 1987 she worked as supervisor of the largest advertising campaigns for foreign companies in Taiwan. She furthered her studies at UCLA in Los Angeles and obtained a master's degree in international advertising campaigns, but on the trip back to Taiwan the unexpected happened.

"On that trip - he says - I met a wealthy businessman who started to support me in my project to give voice to those who had none. My goal was to help the marginalized, and I had finally found someone willing to finance my projects. " With 20 thousand dollars received from the donor, Wang started her work: "I was so passionate and so involved that I won numerous awards for advertising campaigns related to social projects almost every year ".

"The awards – she explains – are important if they help you to understand that people recognize your commitment to values. I've always liked this aspect, but now I must say that I do not care anymore. The important thing is the help that you can offer and collaboration with the people, especially the most disadvantaged. Many people have supported me: and I have to thank them. For example, Zhang Xiaoyan (張小燕), the most popular Taiwanese TV presenter, is my great friend, and together we fought for many important causes. "

In 1992 Nancy was named "Woman of the Year" for her social commitment: "At that time I met Father Jerry Martinson (丁松筠 神父), then director of Kuangchi Program Service (光啓 社), which broadcast the awards ceremony on TV. People Magazine gave me this award for my ability to do publicity for the 'lost causes' - Nancy smiles - then we met with Father Jerry, by chance, to take part in a protest against nuclear power and we have become great friends. "

She also produced several documentaries, such as the sex slaves of the Japanese colonizers, which won the Golden Horse - the most prestigious film award in Taiwan - for the documentary section in 1998 (金馬獎 最佳 紀錄 影片). Recently she carried out a major campaign for the donation of bone marrow with the great actor Jackie Chen, "But I do not pay my film stars, I ask them to work for free, while I pay the team of technicians, who are poorer people."

Her commitment does not stop with the stars: "I help the Sisters of the Good Shepherd and their foundation (天主教 善牧 基金會), and I want them to appear in the same television advertising next to the actresses, especially in support of single mothers. And I'm also happy to have had a papal recognition by the Vatican for my job, as a voice for the voiceless. "

"If I look back - concludes Nancy - I see that I started to work in the media over thirty years ago. I started doing commercials for top-level television and then went on to produce various types of TV programs for social causes. I'm really happy with all that I was able to achieve, and especially for the inspiration that it may have created in many people "

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